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what is branding
an identifying name, term, design, or symbol.(corvette, chevy, gm)
what is brand name
the part of a brand that can be spoken(nba, 49'ers, union 76)
what is brand mark?
the part of a brand not made up of words(the nike swoosh, mcdonalds arch, etc.)
what is trademark?
a legal designation of exclusive use of a brand
what is trade name?
full legal name of an organization(ford motor company, rather than the name of a specific product)
brand loyalty
a customer's favorable attitude toward a specific brand
brand recognition
a customer's awareness that a brand exists and is an alternative purchase.
brand preference
the degree of brand loyalty in which a customer prefers one brand over competitive offerings.
brand insistence
the degree of brand loyalty in which a customer strongly prefers a specific brand and will accept no substitute.