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communication is the processs of conveying a message to others and requires 6 elements. hwat arethese elementes?
1. source (compnay or person who has info to convey)
2. message
3. channel of communication (salesperson, ad media, or PR tools - how the message is conveyed)
4. receivers
5. encoding
6. decoding
def encoding
process of having the sender transform an idea in to a set of symbols
def decoding
process of having the receiver take a set of symbols, the message, and transform the symbols back to an idea
for a message to be communicated effectively, the sender and receiver must have a mutually shared _____ __ _______ - a similar understanding and knowledge they apply to the message
field of experience
def noise
extraneous factors that can work against effective communication by distorting a message or the feedback received; printing mistake; using words or pics that fail to communicate the message clearly; message misunderstood coz of salesperson's accent, use of slang, or communication style may make hearing and understaning message difficult
advertising, sales promo, and PR are said to use _____ _______ because they are used with groups of prospective buyers
mass selling
personla selling uses ________ _________ between a seller and a prospective buyer . includes face to face, telephone, and interactive electronic communication
customized interaction
def advertising
paid form of nonpersonal communication
def personal selling
two way flow of communication between a buyer and seller designed to influence a person's or group's purchase decision; reduces wasted coverage; most expensicve of five promotional elements
what are the five promotional elements?
2. PR,
3. personal selling,
4. sales promotion,
5. direct marketing,
def public relations
form of communication that seeks to influence the feelings, opinions, or beliefs held by customers, prospective customers, stockholders, suppliers, employees, and other publics aboiut a company and its products or serices
give some examples of PR
special events, lobbying efforts, annual reports, press conferences, RSS feeds
def publicity
nonpersonal, indirectly paid presentation of an org, product or service
____ ______ is a short term inducement of value offered to arouse interest in buying a product or service (coupons, rebates, sweepstakes)
sales promotion
_____ _______ uses direct communication with consumers to generate a response in the form of an order, a request for further info or a visit to a retail outet (face to facem direct mail, catalogs, telephone solicitiations, direct response advertising, online marketing)
direct marketing
match the stage of the life cycle with each promotional objective.... 1. to inform 2. to remind 2. to persuade 4. to phase out
1. introduction
2. maturity
3. growth
4. decline
def push strategy
directing the promoitonal mix to channel members to gain their cooperaiton in ordering and stockinght product (personal selling and sales promo play major roles) - by pushing the product through the channel, the goal is to get channel members to push it to their customers (incentives to reward dealers for emeting sales goals at a ford dealership)
def pull strategy
directing the promotional mix at ultimate consumers to encourage them to ask the retialer for the product ("ask your doctor if Zetia is right for you")
the promotion decision process is divided into 3 processes
1. developing
2. executing
3. assessing the promotion program
put these in order from what you do ifrst when develpoing hte promotion program:
1. seslct right promo tools
2. schedule promotion
3. specify objectives
4. design promotion
5. identify target audience
6. set the budget
1. identify target market
2. objectives
3. set budget
4. select promo tools
5. design promotion
6. schedule promotion
def the heirarchy of effects
the sequence of stages a prospective buyer goes thorugh: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adoption
waht are the four methods one can use to set the promotion budget?
1.percentage of sales
2. competittive parity
3. all you can afford
4. objective and task
____ __ _____ is the amount of mone spent on promotion will be the percentage of past or anticipated sales
percentage of sales
________ ______ matches the competitors absolute level of spending or hte proportion per point of market share
competitive parity
____ ____ ___ _______ allows money to be spent on promotion only after all other budget items are covered
all you can afford
____ __ _____ ist he best approach to budgeting, where the companty determines its promotion objectives, ooutlines the tasks to accomplish those objectives, and determines the promotin cost of performing those tasks
objective and task
focused on selling a product or service, product advertisements take three froms ....
1. pioneering (informaitonal)
2. comptiteive (persuasive)
3. remider
def pioneering advertisements
tell waht a product is, what it can do, and where it can be found
def competitive advertisemetns
promote a specific brand's features and benefits to persuade consumer to pick over other brands (comparative advertising is another form of competitive and is used to show one brands strengths relativet to its competitiors)
def reminder advertising
reinforces previous knowledge of a product
def reinforcement add
assures current users they made the right decision
def institutional advertisements and name the three diff kinds
builds goodwill or an image for an org, rather than promote a specific product or service; advocacy, pioneering institutional, competitive institutional, reminder institutional
def advocacy ads
state potision of company on an issue
def pioneering institutional ads
announces what a company is, waht it can do, where it is located
def competeive institutional ads
promote advatages of one product class over another and are sused to markets where diff product class compete for same buyers
def reminder institutional ads
simply bring hte companys name to attention of target market
name the 3 different types of pretests to an advertisement
1. portfolio tests (test ad plced in porfolio with other ads, subjects asked about ads in portfolio)
2. jury tests (sowing ad to panel of consumers and having them rate how they liked it, how attractive, etc)
3. theater tests (most sophisticated, invited to view new tv or movies in which test commercials are shown; can register feelings on electronic recording devices during commercials)
name the 5 diff kinds of advertising posttests
1. aided recall ( used to dtermine who noted the ad, seen-associate the ad, read some, and finally who read most of the ad)
2. unaided recall ("what ads do you remember seeing yesterday" is asked w/o any prompting
3. attitude tests
4. inquiry tests (product info, samples, or premiums are offered to an ad's readers or viewers)
5. sales tests ( controlled experiemtns using radion in one market and tv inthe other, for example)
def consumer oriented sales promotions
sales tools like coupons, sweepstakes, and samples used to suport ac ompanys advertising and personal selling efforts directed to ultimate consumers
give the three commone approaches that are targeted to wholesalers, distributors, and reatilser are ....
1. allowances and discounts
2. cooperatieve advertising
3. training of ditributors salesforce
def cooperative advertising
manufacturer pays a % of the retailers total ad expenses for advertisin hte manufacturers products
reimbursing a retailer for extra instore support or special featuring of hte brand is a ________ ________-
merchandise allowance
a discount on each case ordred during a specific time period is a _____ _________
case allowance
a _________ ________ involves paying retailers for financing costs or financial losses associated with consumer sales promotions
finance allowance
an _____ _____ processes routine orders or reorders for prducts that were already sold by the compnay
order taker
an _______ order taker visits customers and replenishes invetnory or resellres (frito lay salespeople)
_______ order takers answer simple questions, take orders, and complete transactions with custemrs (employed by companies who use inbound telemarketing)
an _____ _______ sells in a conventional sense and identifies prospective customers, provides customers with info, persuades to buy, closes sales, and follows up
order getter
what are the 6 steps of the personal selling process
1. prospecting
2. preappraoch
3. approach
4. presentation
5. close
6. follow up
what is a lead?
person who may be a possible consumer
what is a prospect?
wants or needs product
what is a qualified prospect?
wants products, can afford it, and is the decision maker
waht are the three different presentation formats?
stimulus response, formula selling, and need satisfaction
what is a stimulus response presentation format?
given appropriate stimulus by salesperson, prospect will buy - would you like fries or dessert with your order?
what is the formula selling presentation format?
view that a presesntation consists of info that must be provided in accurate, thorough, and step by step manner to inform (canned sales presentation - memorized, standardized message conveyed to every prospect) not very flexible
what is the need-satisfaction presentation format?
emphasized probing and listening by salesperson to id neds and interests, once identified the salesperson tailors presentation to prospect and high lightes prodcut benefites that may be valued by the prospect
def consultive selling
focuses on problem identificatipon, hwere salesperson serves as an expert on problem recognition and resolution
waht are the 6 techniques to handline objections in a sales presentation
1. acknowledge and convert the objection
2. postpone
3. agree and neutralize
4. accept the objection
5. Denial
6. ignore the objection
waht are the 3 different ways to close a sale?
trial, assumptive, urgency
_____ ______ _______ is the practice if using team selling to focus on important customers so as to build mutually beneficial, long-term, cooperative relationships
major account management (key account management)
def account management policies
policies that specify whom salespeople should contact, what kinds of selling and customer service activities should be engaged in, and how theses activities should be carried out
sales people are paid using one of three plans. name them.
1. straight salary
2. straight commission
3. combo of salary and commision
what is SFA?
salesforce automation; use of technology to make the sales function more effective and efficient (powerpoint, software for acoount analysis)
what is a choiceboard?
an interactive, internet enabled system that allows individual customers to design hteir own products and services by answeriung a few questions and choosing from a mennu of procut or service attributes, prices, and delivery options (most choiceboards are simply transactional devices)
what is collaborative filtering
process that atomatically groups people with similar buying intentions, preferences, and behavirous and predicts future purchases ("customers who bought this item also bought..."
permission marketing needs to adhere to these three rules...
1. info must be relevant and meaningful to them
2. given option to opt out
3. assured info won't be shared with others or sold
waht are the seven web design elements?
1. context
2. content
3. community
4. customization
5. communication
6. connection
7. commerce
______ refers to a site's aesthetic appeal and functional look and feel reflected in the site layout and visual design
although every website has ______ and ______, the differ in teh use of hte remaining five elements
context and content
the amount of time per month viistors spend on their webste, or "__________", is one measure used to gauge customer experience
waht are the 6 reasons consumers buy online?
1. convenience
2. cost
3. choice
4. customiation
5. communication
6. control
waht is dynamic pricing?
changing prices for products and services in real time in response to supply and demad conditions (used for pricing of time senstitive items)
______ ________ is the blending of diff communication adn delivery channels that are mutually reinforcing in attractive, retiaining, and building relationships with consumers who shop and buy in the traditional marektplace and space
multichannel marketing
what are hte two diff kinds of websites?
transactional, promotional
what is channel conflict?
protential harm to trade relationships with their retialing intermediaries