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What are the adv. and disadv. to outdoor ads?
Adv. - high reach and frequency, selectivity, impact, inexpensive
Disadv. - Brevity, image, location choice
What are the adv. and disadv. to point of purchase?
Adv. - Impulse buying, selling, unifies product & ad
What is public relations?
To establish and maintain a positive organizational image
What is frequency?
Number of times within a time period an average person/household is exposed to the message during the time period
What is reach?
Number of different people/households exposed at least once
What is publicity?
One means of accomplishing public relations
It involves a third party
It is free
It has limited control over content
What are types of mass media?
Broadcast media
Outdoor media
In-store media
Transit media
What is Gross Rating Points?
Reach x Frequency
What are types of direct marketing?
Letters, inserts
Fax advertisements
What is selective demand?
Stimulate demand for a brand
Psychological or emotional deimensions
Consumption situations
What is interactive media?
Company web site
Banner ads
What are 3 types of media considerations?
What is the objective of institutional advertising?
To promote organizational image
To build industry goodwill
To stimulate product category demand
What is indirect-action advertisement?
Stimulates sales over the long run
What is direct-action advertisement?
Stimulates immediate purchase
What is primary demand?
Product class as a whole
What are the 4 hierarchy of effects?
What are the two types of product advertising?
Direct-action advertisement
Indirect-action advertisement