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When was the Eagle Globe and Anchor adopted?
Why are marines commonly called "Leathernecks"?
B/c the United States Marines wore a black leather stock from 1798 to 1880.
Who was presented with the first Marine Corp Officers Sword?
Lieutenant Presley N. O'Bannon
What did the Marine Corp Officer's sword symoblize?
The exploits of O'Bannon and his Marines on the shores of Tripoli in 1805.
Where was the first American Flag raising in the Old World?
When did American Colonial Marines come into existence?
Early in the year of 1740.
How many regiments of Marines were raised in the American Colonies?
3 Regiments of Marines
Who was the first American Marine Commadant?
Alexander Spotswood
When was the American Marines formed into a single regiment of 4 battalions under the command of Colonel William Gooch?
June 7, 1740
When was the United States Marine Corp recognized as a official branch of service?
November 10th, 1775
What is November 10th, 1775 commonly reffered to as?
Marine Corp Birthday
When was the United States Marine Corp, as it exists today formed?
July, 11, 1798
In waht year did the United States Marines supress a mutiney in the Massachusetss State Prison?
When were the famous blue uniforms of the Marine Corp authorized and who authorized them?
Secretary of War James McHenry, on August 24, 1797
When did the Marine Corp blue uniform with red trimming get replaced?
July 4, 1834
When was the grass green uniforms introduced into the marine corp, and how long did they last?
They were introduced on July 4, 1834. They lasted about 60 years.
What actions did Marine partake in the civil war?
Marines took a active role in important naval operations. They also took a part in a number of land engagments including the fight on July 21, 1861.
What battle occured on July 21, 1861?
The battle of "Bull Run"
When did the Boxer Rebellion occur?
The summer of 1900
What battles did Marines participate in during WWI?
Battles of Belleau Wood, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Blanc Mont Ridge, and the Argonne.
From what battle did Marine earn the title "teufelhunden"

What year did this occur?
Belleau Wood in June 1918.
Why did the marines earn the nickname "teufelhunden"?
B/c the Marines fought with such ferocity that the Germans refered to them as "Devil Dogs".
Who was in charge of the Marine aviation units in WWI?
Major Alfred A. Cunningham
Who became the first Marine Corp aviator and what year did this occur?
Major Alfred A. Cunningham in 1912.
How many marine bombing missions were flown in WWI?
How many pounds of explosives were dropped from Marine Corp bombers in WWI?
52,000 lbs
Who was the first women Marine?
Opha M. Johnson
When did Opha M. Johnson enlist?
August 13, 1918
WHen did the Secretary of the Navy grant the auhtority to enroll women in the Marine Corps Reserve for clerical duty?
August 12, 1918
How many women enlisted in WWI?
When was the Women's Reserve activated?
How many officers and enlisted women were there by June 1944?
1,000 female officers, and 18,000 enlisted females.
When were women completely integrated into the regular Corps?
In what years were Marines in Haiti, and why were they there?
1915-1934, to supress banditry.
IN what years was the bandit element in Nicaragua fought?
Whats important about marines fighting in Nicaragua?
It was the first evidence of the development of the famous Marine "air-ground team", furthermore cargo resupply by aircraft were also used for the first time.
Why did Marines operate in china in the years of 1911 and 1912?
To protect Americans during the overthrow of the Manchu Dynasty.
When did the Fleet Marine Force come into being as an integral part of the United States Fleet?
Who was in charge of the 2,00 Marines that were serving in China and the Philippines?
the Commander in Chief of the Asiatic Fleet
When were Marines withdrawn from China?
When the attack at Pearl Harbor occured.
When was the First Marine Division sent to New Zealand, and on what date?
New Zealand, in June of 1942
How many days did it take for Marines to wipe out enemy resistance on Tarawa?
When did the First Divison of Marines secure a major portion of Palaus?
October 16
Why was it neccesary to secure the island of Iwo Jima?
To provide fighter protection for the B-29 bombers based in the Marianas and at the same time eliminate the enemy's air base for attacks on the "Superforts".
On what date did marines storm the beaches of Iwo-Jima?
February 19, 1945
Who photographed the 1st flag raising of Iwo-Jima?
Technical Sergeant Louis Lowery.
Who photographed the 2nd flag raising of Iwo-Jima?
Joe Rosenthal
How many men were depicated in the 2nd flag raising photo, and what were there names and branch of service?
5 men, Sergeant Strank *USMC*, Corporal Block *USMC*, Private First Class Hayes *USMC*, Private First Class Sousley *USMC*, and Pharmacist's Mate Second Class John H. Bradley *Navy*
When did the Marines capture Motoyama village?
Feb 28
What Marine Divisions invaded Okinawa?
First, Second, and the Sixth Marine Divions.
What Marine Divisions formed the III Amphibiuos Corps?
First, Second, and the Sixth Marine Divions.
When did Marines land at Okinawa?
April 1, 1945
What was the last campaign of WWII?
How many close air support sorties were flown during the Okinawa campaign?
More than 14,000
How many Divisions and Air Wings did the Marine Corps have in 1945?
6 Divisions and 5 Aircraft Wings
What Marine Corps divisions were deactivated after WWII?
The Third and the Forth
What Aircraft Wings were decommissioned?
Third, Fourth, and Ninth Wings
In what year did the last Marine Corps units leave China?
What did the National Security Act of 1947 state?
That the Navy would also remain the governmental custodian of the Marine Corps.
Who established in the Marine Corps Women's Reserve, and when was it established?
Major Ruth Cheney Streeter, 1943.
What was the last rank Ruth Cheney reached?
What allowed women the right to join the Marien Corps, and when was it mandated?
Women's Armed Services Integration Act, June 12, 1948
Who succeeded Colonel Streeter, and what date did this occur?
Colonel Katherine A. Towle, December of 1945.
Who was the first Director of Women Marines?
Colonel Katherine A. Towle
How many Women Marines were on active duty during the beginning of the Korean War?
Less than 600
During what war did more professional opportuniteis usch as career schools and overseas assignments become available for women in the Marine Corp?
In what year was the Office of the Director of Women Marines disestablished?
Who was the last Director of Women Marines?
Colonel Margaret A. Brewer
How Marines were there in 1948?
80,000 enlisted men and 7,000 officers
In what year were the Marine Corps Schools at Quantico reorganized into two major subdivions?
What were the two major subdivions of the Marine Corps Schools at Quantico?
The Marine Corps Education Center, and the Landing Force Development Center.
By the end of WWII, how many Marines were there?
How many memembers of the Marine Corps were African American by the end fo WWII?
Who were the 2 first African American Marines?
Alfred Master and George Thompson