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MEB (7)
1. 3,000-22,000
2. Brigadier General
3. Formed from MEF
4. Lead echelon
6. GCE, ACE, CSSE commanded by COL
7. 30 days sustainment
1. MEF I- 2. GCE 1st Marine Division HQ 3. ACE 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing HQ 4. CSSE 1st Marine Logistics Group
1. Pendleton, CA 2. Camp Pendleton, CA 3. Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, CA 4. Camp Pendleton, CA
1. MEF II Camp
2. GCE 2nd Marine Division HQ
3. ACE 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing HQ
4. CSSE 2nd Marine Logistics Group HQ
1. Lejeune, NC
2. Camp Lejeune, NC
3. Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC
4. Camp Lejeune, NC
2. GCE 3rd Marine Division HQ
3. ACE 1st Marine Aircraft Wing HQ
4. CSSE 3rd Marine Logistics Group HQ
1. Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
2. Okinawa, Japan
3. Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan
4. Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan
Expeditionary Readiness
institutional mindset that we are ready to deploy
Command Element CE (6)
1 Command and control.
2 Intelligence.
3 Maneuver.
4 Fires.
5 Logistics.
6 Force protection.
Ground Combat Element (GCE)(2)
1. task organized to conduct ground operations
2. core unit is infantry
Marine Expeditionary
Air Combat Element (ACE)
-reinforced w/ internal patrol
Combined arms operations
win hearts and minds
Combat Service Support Element (CSSE)
provide all functions of tactical logistics
MEF (6)
1. 50,000-100,000
2. Lt General
3. Marine Corps principal warfighting organization
4. Fights at tactical level
5. GCE, ACE, CSSE commanded by Major General
6. 60 days sustainment
Seabased operations
sea maneuver, involving Navy
Marine Expeditionary
MEU (5)
1. 1700-2800
2. COL
3. MEF’s deploy MEU’s
4. GCE, ACE, CSSE Lt Col
5. 15 days sustainment
Forcible entry from the sea
uninterrupted movement
Marine Expeditionary
Expeditionary operations
that is constantly prepared for immediate deployment
overseas into austere operating environments
Reserve Integration
53 percent of the
selected Marine Corps reserve end strength was activated,
surpassing any other service reserve component
activations by more than a factor of two
MAGTFs are generally categorized in 4 types:
1 Marine expeditionary force.
2 Marine expeditionary brigade.
3 Marine expeditionary unit.
4 Special purpose Marine air-ground task force.