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bulk cargo means...
any material other than liquid or gas in any combination of
particles, granules or other like fragmentation or aggregation which is loaded
directly into a cargo space of a ship without any other form of containment
cargo includes...
(a) ship's stores, provisions, equipment and fuel;
(b) mails;
(c) passengers' baggage;
(d) material for the repair of a ship or for the fitting of a cargo space or
material and equipment used for securing cargo;
(e) mechanical stowing appliances and transport equipment when carried as
cargo or being handled by means of cranes or derricks.
cargo gear means that:
an article of equipment for use with a crane or derrick in
loading or unloading cargo,
(a) is not riveted, welded or otherwise permanently attached to the crane or
derrick or ; and
(b) is designed to be detachable from the crane or derrick,
and includes any wire rope, fibre rope, sling, net, clamp, grab, loose gear,
magnetic lifting device, vacuum lifting device, patent cargo handling system or
self unloading system but does not include transport equipment or packaging
closed container means....
a container that totally encloses its contents by
permanent structures
Note: A container that has small ventilation openings may be accepted as
a closed container if the openings are satisfactorily sealed against the
ingress of sparks.
competent person means....
a person having practical and theoretical knowledge
and relevant experience, sufficient to enable that person to detect and evaluate
any defects and any weaknesses that may affect the intended performance of
the equipment
derrick crane means....
a derrick fitted with operating winches and two span
tackles of such design that the derrick can be topped and slewed while hoisting
a load
derrick includes, unless the context otherwise requires...
the supporting
structure and positioning devices, such as mast, king post, sampson post, stay,
lugs, goosenecks, eyebolts, topping lift, guys, preventers and winches
fibre rope means...
a rope constructed of natural or synthetic fibre only and
includes rope or flat-woven webbing constructed of natural or synthetic fibres
illumination means....
illumination in the horizontal plane at a height of one metre
above a working surface
intermediate bulk container means a cargo receptacle:
(a) constructed of rigid, semi-rigid or flexible materials, or a combination of
such materials;
(b) designed to be lifted by materials handling equipment, by means of
either integral or detachable devices; and
(c) having a capacity, of not less than 0.25 cubic metres and not more than
3 cubic metres;
loose gear means....
an item of equipment by means of which a load may be
attached to a crane or derrick, which does not form an integral part of the crane
or derrick, and includes any block, shackle, hook, swivel, connecting plate, ring,
chain block or hoist, chain or overhauling weight and the component parts of a
pallet bar, lifting beam, lifting frame, spreader, tray, tub or other cargo
receptacle other than an intermediate bulk container or transport equipment
materials handling equipment means....
an article or an integrated assembly of
articles designed to convey or for use in conveying cargo and includes cargo
gear, a crane, derrick, cargo lift, side loading platform, mechanical loading
appliance and mechanical stowing appliance
mechanical stowing appliance means...
a wheeled or tracked machine or
vehicle designed to convey or move cargo and includes any lift truck, straddle
truck, side-loader, tractor, bulldozer, front-end loader, trailer and truck
person in charge means...
a person appointed under 9 of this Part
personnel cradle means...
a cradle, cage, box platform or similar appliance for
use in conveying persons to work locations at or near the top of a container,
barge or similar transport equipment or to cargo stowed on board a ship
portable means...
capable of being lifted manually by one person or 2 persons in conjunction
prescribed person means...
the surveyor in charge of the nearest AMSA survey office
responsible person means a person who...
in relation to materials handling equipment, is competent and qualified and:
(a) is responsible to:
(i) the manufacturer of that equipment;
(ii) a classification society in pursuance of a scheme of classification or certification of such equipment; or
(iii) a competent testing establishment, for carrying out any testing and associated thorough examination and issuing certificates of test in respect of that equipment as required by this Part; or
(b) is responsible to:
(i) the owner or master of the ship, where that equipment is the ship's equipment; or
(ii) the owner, where that equipment is shore equipment; or
(iii) a classification society in pursuance of a scheme of classification or certification of such equipment,for carrying out thorough examinations, other than those associated with testing, of that equipment required by this Part or for determining the safe working load of cargo gear that is not required to be permanently marked with a SWL
Note: In respect of testing, thorough examination associated with testing,
and certification of equipment, a responsible person should be a suitably
qualified person who has been appointed or authorised by a classification society, or an organisation dedicated to the test and certification of materials handling equipment.
returnable cargo unit means...
a packaging, into which cargo is packed,
intended to convey cargo from consignor to consignee and that:
(a) is designed to be handled as a single unit;
(b) is not a freight container or intermediate bulk container;
(c) is fitted with integral lifting attachments;
(d) is intended for return and subsequent re-use; and
(e) may or may not be collapsible
runner means...
a wire rope used for hoisting or lowering a load
safe working load means...
in relation to an article of materials handling equipment, the load that a responsible person considers is the maximum load that may be imposed on that article in order to allow an adequate margin of safety in the normal operation of that article
self unloading system means, in relation to the handling of bulk cargoes...
an arrangement of devices and equipment on board a ship, designed so that unloading is effected without recourse to the use of grabs, tubs or similar items of loose gear in conjunction with cranes or derricks
shipborne barge means...
an independent, non-self-propelled vessel, specifically designed and equipped to be lifted in a loaded condition and stowed on board a ship
ship equipment means...
materials handling equipment carried or installed on board a ship
shore crane means...
a crane that is shore equipment and includes any
equipment operated or controlled from the cabin of that crane, being:
(a) permanently attached ancillary equipment; or
(b) detachable equipment designed for use with the crane
shore equipment means...
materials handling equipment that is not ship equipment and includes a floating crane
specialised handling system means...
a method of loading or unloading cargo that employs specialised materials handling equipment designed to dispense with manual handling of cargo by sling, tray, tub, pallet or similar cargo gear,
and includes reclaiming devices, conveyor belts, and the handling of multiple units connected together by twistlocks, banding or strapping, or similar appliances, that have not been individually tested and marked in accordance with this Part
thorough examination means...
a detailed visual examination in accordance with 15.2.10
transport equipment means...
equipment of a permanent character that facilitates the transport of a combination or aggregation of cargo as a single unit and includes containers, intermediate bulk containers, returnable cargo units and shipborne barges, but does not include cargo gear
tray means...
an article of materials handling equipment designed for repeated use in conveying cargo, that has attachments by which it may be hoisted or otherwise conveyed but does not include transport equipment or a pallet