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body water content is greatest in A) infants, B) a child
A) infant
Potassium, magnesium, & phosphate ions are the predominant electrolytes in A) intersitial fluid B) intracellular fluid.
B) intracellular fluid
Sodium balance is regulated primarily by control of amounts A) excreted in urine, B) ingestion
A) excreted by urine
Water balance is regulated primarily by controlled of amounts A) ingested, B) lost in feces
B) lost in feces
What three substances are partly regulated by the influence of aldosterone on the kidney tubules? A) Potassium, Sodium, and water B) calcium, Sodium, and water
A) Potassium, Sodium, and water
What two substances are regulated by parathyroid hormone? A) Calcium and Phosphate B) Sodium and Phosphate
A) Calcium and Phosphate
What are the two substances secreted into the proximal convoluted tubukes in exchange for sodium ions? A) Chloride ions and hydrogen ions. B) Ammonium ions and hydrogen ions.
B) Ammonium ions and hydrogen ions.
What is part of an important chemical buffer system in plasma? A) Ammonium ions B) Bicarbonate
B) Bicarbonate
What two ions are produced during catabolism of glutamine? A) Ammonium ions and
bicarbonate B) Hydrogen ions and
A) Ammonium ions and
Substance regulated by ADH's effects on the renal tubules? A) hydrogen B) water
B) Water
Which of the following factors will enhance ADH? A) increase in ECF volume B) decrease in ECF volume C) decrease in ECF osmolality, D) increase in ECF osmolality
B) Decrease in ECF volume and D) increase in ECF osmolality.
The Ph in blood varies directly with A) H+ , B) HCO3
In an indicidual with metabolic acidosis, a clue that the respiratory system is compensating is provided by..A) high blood bicarbonate levels, B) rapid, deep breathing
B) rapid deep breathing