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In two-way communication, translating and interpreting refer to______ and ______ thoughts and interpretations.
encoding and decoding
Christy tells a prospect that her company "works with everyone, from the bottom up." Fred is insulted, thinking Christy was referring to the shape of his body. Obviously, there is a problem in the way Fred is _____ the message.
Which of the following is part of a salesperson's voice characteristics?
-the use of inflections at the end of his or her sentences
-the speed with which he or she speaks
-how loudly he or she speaks
-how he or she articulates their words
One way to define the speaking-listening differential is to say:
customers can listen to words at a rate more than five times as fast as the rate at which the salesperson can speak
The 80-20 speaking-listening differential suggests salespeople should:
listen 80 percent of the time and talk no more than 20 percent of the time.
Which of the following is a suggestion for active listening?
Do any of the above to encourage active listening.
Carla knows nonverbal communication is important and conveys many messages to a prospect. Which of the following is NOT one of the forms of nonverbal communication?
During a 30-minute sales call approximately __________ nonverbal signals are exchanged.
The physical space between two people who are interacting can be divided into four zones. Which of the following is NOT one of the four zones?
People can be said to fall into two categories when it comes to touching--contact and noncontact. Contact people tend to view noncontact people as:
Which of the following would be the WORST bit of advice for a new salesperson for an office machine manufacturer to follow?
Be a leader and wear the latest fashions.
Many companies require new salespeople to memorize a standardized sales presentation. Why would a company do this?
It ensures the salesperson will provide complete and accurate information about the company's products and policies.
Fred has a standard introduction he uses and a list of points he wants to make during his sales presentation, but he does not have everything memorized. Fred is using a(n) _____ presentation.
Which of the following statements about adaptive selling is TRUE?
-Adaptive selling emphasizes the importance of satisfying customer needs and building long-term partnerships.
-Adaptive selling is used with relationship building.
-In adaptive selling you have to be creative when you're looking for what excites a prospect.
-Adaptive selling gives salespeople the opportunity to use the most effective sales presentation for each customer.
Donald is a new salesman. He knows, to be an effective sales representative, he needs to know as much as possible about the:
-company for which they work
-products they will sell
-products sold by their competitors
-customers to whom they will sell
"You did not close when the customer was ready. You were so involved in your presentation you did not hear the customer signal she was ready to buy." A sales manager who made this comment was providing _____ feedback.
The _____ matrix is a training program for building adaptive selling skills that uses two critical dimensions, assertiveness and responsiveness.
social style
In the social style matrix people who are high in assertiveness and low in responsiveness are ____________.
Which of the following is NOT one of the four quadrants in the social style matrix?
Brenda recognizes her new prospect fits the characteristics of an amiable in the social style matrix. Brenda should:
stress the product's performance results
When identifying a customer's social style, salespeople should:
-not let their judgment be clouded by their initial reaction to the customer
-look for clues that may suggest he or she has made an inaccurate assessment of a customer's social style
-ask questions rather than make statements
-avoid assuming that specific jobs or functions are associated with a particular social style
Research indicates the best social style for a salesperson is:
none of the above because each style has weaknesses in some situations
The strengths of any social style can be weaknesses if they are not consistent with what a customer wants to deal with. For example, David, an analytical, knows his orderly, serious, and thorough nature, may also be perceived as ___________ to some customers.
cold and calculating
The effort people make to increase the productivity of a relationship by adjusting to the needs of the other party is the text's definition of:
Jennette is trying to locate businesses in her territory she has not called upon. Jennette is:
Salespeople continuously prospect because:
-clients may switch to competing suppliers.
-buyers may be transferred to other jobs within their firms.
-client firms may be taken over by other firms.
-some current customers may go bankrupt.
Which of the following is one of the questions a salesperson will answer when determining whether a lead is a qualified prospect?
-"Does the lead have the ability to pay?"
-"Is the lead eligible to buy?"
-"Does the lead have the authority to buy?"
-"Can the lead be approached favorably?"
A building materials salesperson who is only allowed to sell to drywall contractors in a state, even though general contractors in the area also buy drywall, is working in a(n):
exclusive sales territory
Brenda has several great customers who are constantly referring new people to her. She always remembers to thank these customers and show her appreciation to these sales:
Danielle asks her customer whether Greg, her neighbor might be interested in the home security system she is selling. Danielle is using the _____________ selling method
endless chain
Sales people sometimes find small, informal groups of people in similar positions with different companies, who meet and communicate regularly. For a sales person, these groups represent a potential:
buying community
A package of postcards from a number of different firms sent as a group that allow recipients to fill in their names and addresses to request more information about the products advertised is a:
postcard pack
NAICS means:
North American industry classification system
Data mining by salespeople means:
using statistical methods to learn more from existing data
Rebecca has been given sample magazines and order forms, and been instructed to start knocking on doors to see if she can find someone who is interested in buying a subscription. Rebecca is engaged in:
cold calling
Which of the following statements about telemarketing is true?
Outbound telemarketing is used to generate and then qualify leads.
When writing a sales letter, the _________________ should grab the reader's attention.
first paragraph
The planning process for making a sales call involves (in logical order):
gathering information, setting objectives, making an appointment
Pratna is gathering information about the clients in her new territory. She will look for _________________ information.
-product evaluation
Which of the following statements about obtaining precall information is TRUE?
-At some point the amount of time and effort required to collect additional information exceeds its value.
-Often the difference in making or not making a sale is the homework the salesperson has done.
-Collecting the information needed is often time consuming.
-The more information the salesperson has, the more likely the prospect's needs will be met.
Which of the following is NOT one of the types of information about a customer's organization that a salesperson investigates?
People involved in a prospect's purchase decision whose opinions are important and who are opposed to your company's products are called:
influential adversaries
Serena spent weeks gathering information about prospective clients, never once making a sales call. Serena may be suffering from:
analysis paralysis
Which of the following statements about sales call objectives is TRUE?
-an objective should be established for every sales call.
-objectives should be specific.
-objectives should be measurable.
-objectives should be aimed at customer action.
Which of the following is generally considered a benefit of multiple call objectives?
-They help take away the salesperson's fear of failure
-Most salespeople can at least achieve their stated minimum objective
-Multiple objectives tend to be self-correcting
-Salespeople who always reach their optimistic objective realize they are probably setting their sights too low
The value proposition:
-is usually one or two written sentences
-should be specific and measurable
-explains how a product or service can help add shareholder value
-should be tied to the prospect's mission statement
Many sales managers insist sales representatives make appointments because:
-it dignifies the salesperson
-puts the salesperson and the prospect on the same level
-increases the chances of seeing the right person
-reduces the likelihood of interruption
One researcher suggests that sales people initially try to call on the __________________, the person who will listen and provide the seller with needed valuable information.
focus of receptivity
A building materials salesperson was making her second call to a prospective client. The salesperson was most interested in meeting the person with the focus of _____ because this individual could explain where there were potential constraints and how the project might encounter problems.
When making a sales call on a new customer, the person in the buying center the salesperson can expect to meet last is referred to as the:
focus of power
The best time to call on customers is:
when it best suits the customer
Busy executives usually have one or more subordinates who plan and schedule appointments with sales representatives. These subordinates are called __________.
screens or barriers
Martin knows his customer's secretary goes to lunch with a group from their church on Thursdays. He calls the customer during that time. Martin is working ________________.
under the screen
To get the purchasing manager's secretary to give him an appointment, Betty mentioned an earlier talk she had with the vice-president of the firm about what her company has to offer. She is hoping this technique of _____ will get her in to see the purchasing sooner since the secretary may fear getting in trouble if she puts her off too long.
going over the screen
Jami knows a few of his customers are avid golfers but work on construction sites away from cable or satellite television reception. During the major golf events Jami sends a summary of the current golf scores to these customers. Jami is using _________ to build customer relationships.