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1. а
and, but
2. А тебя?
And you?
And (what about) you?
A tyebya?
A tyebya?
3. да
4. доброе утро
good morning=dobroye ootra

[утро = ano noun because it ends in -o]
dobroye ootra
5. добрый вечер
good evening=dobriy vyechyer
[вечеp=on noun because it ends in a consonant]
dobriy vyechyer
6. добрый день
good afternoon=dobriy dyen'
[день=on noun. Memorize it.]
dobriy dyen'
7. до свидания
goodbye/until we meet again
(da sveedaneeya)
8. здравствуй
hello (to one person)zdrastveey
[the first v is silent]
9. здравствуйте
hello to a group/to adult(zdrastveeytye)
[the first v is silent]
10. и
11. имя
first name
[This is a neuter noun!]
12. Как вас зовут?
How you (they) call?=What is your name? TO GROUP/ADULT
(Kak vas zavoot?)
13. Как ваша фамилия?
How your last name?=What is your last name? TO GROUP/ADULT
(Kak vasha fameeleeya?)
14. Как дела?
How things?=How are things (with you)? (TO FRIEND)
(Kak dyela?)
15. Как твоя фамилия?
How your last name?=What is your last name? TO FRIEND(Kak tvaya fameeleeya?)