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What different types of production does SAP support?
• Order controlled production with production order
• Order controlled production with process order
• Period and quantity oriented production -- not order oriented
• Project oriented production with production lots
• Kanban -- replenishment controlled using stock transfer, external procurement and in-house production via self controlled control cycle
What organization levels does manufacturing execution use
Client, company code, plant, storage location
What master data are used in manuf exec?
Material, BOM, Work center/resource, Task lists, PRT (Production resources/tools)
What material type should materials to be produced have?
In-house production (X or E)
What are the types of task lists?
Routings, rate routings, master recipes
PRT’s are assigned to ______ ?
The routing of operations
Which material master views are maintained for manufacturing?
MRP, Work scheduling
What does task list usage determine in a Work Center (Resource) master?
The task list types (routing, rate routing, …) in which this resource can use used
How is a resource connected to cost accounting? (265
By assigning a cost center
Standard and default values for operations can be assigned in a resource master T/F?
What data in the resource master allows capacity planning?
Available capacity and formula key
What data in the work center master p;lay a role in calculating operation timings in routings?
Operation standard values in the scheduling formulas
BOM components and PRT can be assigned at the operation level --
however, if this is not specified in the routing, they are then assigned at the BOM level (see page 280 also)
How is the procurement time for BOM components related to operations?
Procurement (and consumption) takes place as per the start time of the operation for which the material is needed.
Which of the following steps cannot be automated in production order processing (select all that apply)?
a)Order creation, b)machine reservation, e)WIP determination
Which activities generally occur in the background?
WIP determination, variance calculation and order settlement
What are the available options for order creation?
Without routing and BOM
With routing
With routing and BOM
From planned order
What happens if a BOM is changed after a planned order is created but before the planned order is subsequently converted into a production order?
The BOM is not re-read and the production order uses the old BOM
What is the action that sets in motion further processing of a production order?
Releasing the order
What are the levels at which order release can be performed? (
Individual operation,
whole order ,
several orders together
What are the things checked during availability check for an order
Material, capacity, PRT)
Which of the following activities occur (select all) during a goods issue posting for production
Reduction of reservation
Material document is created
???Determination of actual costs???
What kinds of settlement are possible for production orders? (
Order related and product related
What kinds of FI and CO postings are made in order settlement?
FI only -- for WIP balances
Both FI and CO -- for variances
Order Creation Options
Without routing and BOM
Create with routing
Create with routing and BOM
Create with planned order
WIP, variance calculation and settlemetnt are
Periodic processing activites for Cost Object Controlling

Happen Usually in background
Order Release
Nothing can happen till release then

Print Documents
Material Withdrawals
Goods reciept
Order release
A status is set

Availability check automatically
You can release
an individual operation

a whole order

several orders together (mass release)
Production order Goods Issue Posting
-Reservation goes away

- Goods issue slip (optional)

- MM doc & FI doc

-Credit Stock account

-Debit Consumption account

-G/L accounts

-Stock and consumption fields updated.

-Determination of actual costs
Order related

Operation related
Operation related Confirmations
Time ticket/confirmation slip

Collective/quick entry



Time Event