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What are the 4 core competencies or manpower programs for which the MO community is responsible?
Program Allocation and Control; Requirements Determination; Performance Management; Organization Structure
In which CORE competency is the IDEA program included?
Performance Management
Which publication gives the duties and responsibilities of a Manpower Craftsman?
AFMAN 36-2108
What office approves AFMSs and variances?
HQ USAF, Directorate of Manpower and Organization
What agency reviews and processes changes to AFMSs?
MAJCOM, FOAs, and DRUs Directorate of Manpower and Organization
Who is responsible for applying and reapplying manpower standards?
Wing level Manpower Office
What office/manager reviews the functional accuracy and recommends approval of manpower standards and variances?
HQ USAF or Command Level Functional Manager
What mainly drives the need to actively recruit people in the Manpower career field?
Normal attrition due to retirements and separations
Who recruits potential retrainees for Manpower and Organization?
Every one of us
What is the best recruitment tool to attract interested and qualified personnel?
Daily contacts and discussions
What is a benefit of close coordination with your MPF?
Advance notification of changes in the training advisory
What is the purpose of the skill level?
Indicates the amount of experience and knowledge
List the items you must complete before upgrade to the Manpower Craftsman skill level:
Be proficient in CORE Tasks in CFETP; Complete manpower craftsmen course
In addition to meeting knowledge requirements, what course must SMSgts complete before they are eligible for the 9 skill level?
SNCO Academy
For what MO award is a wing level MO office with 12 manpower authorizations eligible?
Small MO office of the year
Who reviews and scores each nomination package submittedby the MAJCOMs, FOAs, DRUs, and unified commands?
a 3 member panel made up of MO Staff and Personnel
The structure around the 4 core competencies allows the Manpower and Organization community to accomplish what?
Maximize the utilization and effectiveness of available AF manpower resources.
Contingency manpower planning and execution is included in which of the core competencies?
Program Allocation and Control
Which Manpower task is part of the Performance Management core competency?
Development of Mission Essential Task
What document describes the Manpower officer duties and responsibilities?
AFMAN 36-2105, Officer Classification Manual
Who serves as the AF POC for all AF management engineering procedural matters?
Who is responsible for defending their manpower requirements?
Command Level Functional manager
What is the Wing level MO office responsible for?
Serving as local OPR for competitive sourcing initiatives
In the MO office who has responsibility for recruiting people into the MO career field?
All members in the office
Which method is the best way to attract individuals to the MO career field?
Personal contact
What is the minimum grade for entry into the MO career field?
What is not a requirement for award of the 7 skill level in the MO career field?
Work in the career field for a minimum of 6 months
To be eligible for the 9 skill level within MO career field, SSgt Smith must achieve what grade, as a minimum?
How many authorizations must a Manpower office have to qualify for the Large MO of the year?