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Define "Manifest Destiny"
The westward expansion of the US. (1800's)
Name 2 motivations for Manifest Destiny.
It was God's will. To spread religion. To expand country. For more opportunities.
Name 2 positive effects
More land, new states, more jop opportunities, sea to sea.
Name 2 negative effects
wars with mexica, wars with natives, more slave states.
When was the Texas revolution?
identify the major causes of the Texas revolution
Mexico was treating them unfairly, they had few rights.
who started the 1st colony in texas?
steven austin
the capital of texas
what is the Alamo
an old spanish mission used as a fort
what agreement was made after the texas revolution?
the treaty of velasco; may 14 1836; granted texas freedom
who ran for the election of 1844?
henry Clay v. James Polk
Who won?
what famous quote was said by the expansionist president, james polk. Why?
"54-40 or Fight!" this was said because if the US wastnt given the coordinates between 54 and 40'N, he would fight.
when was the mexican war?
what was the main cause of this war?
a boundary dispute. The US believed the boundary was the Rio grande river. mexico believed it was the nueces river.
who was sent to camp at the rio grande river? by whom?
General Zachary Taylor; by President Polk.
what treaty ended this war? when? what caused the treaty to be made?
the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo; 1848; General Scott beat the mexicans all the way down to mexico city, and gained control of the new mexico and california territory.
what was the mexican cession?
mexica ceded (gave up) ca & NM territory for $15,000,000. (today includes the states of NM, CA, AZ, UT, and NV.
what was the Gadsden Purchase?
US paid mexico $10,000,000 for arizona and newmexico to complete manifest destiiny.
when was the california gold rush?
what kind of people moved to california?
farmers, gold diggers(prospectors), trappers, mormons, immigrants, and land speculators