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Identify the Levels of War
S - Strategic
O - Operational
T - Tactical
Define and identify the purpose of combined arms
The synchorinized or simultaneous application of several arms to acheive effect on the enemy that is greater than if each arm was used against the enemy seperatley or in sequence
Identify the Principles of War
M - Mass
O - Objective
O - Offensive
S - Security
E - Economy of Force
M - Maneuver
U - Unity of Command
S - Surprise
S - Simplicity
Describe the Tenets of Army Operations
A - Agility
I - Iniative
D - Depth
S - Synchronization
V - Versatility
List the Elements of Combat Power
M - Maneuver
F - Firepower
L - Leadership
P = Protection
I - Information
Identify the purpose of Defensive Operations
- Defeat enemy attacks
- Buy / gain time
- Economize forces
- Hold key terrain
- Develop conditions favorable for offensive operations
Identify the purpose of Offensive Operations
To seize, retain and exploit the iniative to defeat the enemy decisively
Describe the characteristics of the Offense
S - Surprise
C - Concentration
A - Audacity
T - Tempo
Describe the types of Offensive Operations
M - Movement to contact
A - Attack
E - Exploitation
P - Pursuit
Descripe the Forms of Maneuver
P - Penetration
I - Infiltration
F - Frontal Attack
E - Envelopment
T - Turning Movement