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Inferior Alveolar Block blocks which nerves?
V3: inferior alv nerve, mental nerve, lingual nerve
IAN anesthetizes which nerves?
mandibular teeth (to midline), buccal mucosa anterior to first molar, lingual mucosa, ant 2/3 tongue
When restoring multiple mandibular teeth and you need to anesthetize the buccal soft tissue and the lingual soft tissue as well, which injection technique would you use?
IAN Block
Where do you insert the needle for an IAN block?
medial border of mandible's coronoid notch.
Landmarks for IAN are:
pterygomandibular raphe, coronid notch, occlusal plane of mandibular posterior teeth
Tingling and numbness of lower lip, tinigling and numbness of tongue, a feeling of heaviness or swelling of lower lip or tongue are S & S of which block?
Why might facial paralysis occur in an IAN block?
b/c the needle is approaching the parotid gland which contains the facial nerve.
T/F: a patient who is a tongue or lip biter can sustain an IAN block?