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weight lifter story point?
your mind creates your world
Rocky Movie Point?
To show goals, go the distance, go 15 rounds, self leadership is about getting over the sidestiches on your way to your goal
Thought patterns
habitual ways of thinking that tend to be repeated when triggered by situational events
Key MSL Question
what are your primary thought patterns? opportunity vs. obstacle thinking
Individuals who view challenging situations as opportunities....
put in more effort, persist longer, achieve higher goals
Runner movie clip
he was an opportunity thinker, used the challenge to motivate him
self talk
our d ialogue with ourselves, what we tell ourselves
Ally McBeal Video Clip
theme song, self talk
Little Engine that Could
self talk made her succeed
Dan OBrien
changed his self talk to win the olympics
beliefs and assumptions
basis for distorted/dysfunctional thoughts that can hinder personal effectiveness
extreme thinking
things are seen as black andwhite, if total perfection not achieved, perception of failure occurs
mind reading
drawing neg. conclusions about a situation that can lead to thinking wrong things
fortune telling
arbitrarily predicting that things will turn out badly
should statements
statements you inact in yourself such as I should or I shouldn't
Dead Poets Society video clip
showed all the beliefs and assumptions
mental imagery
we can create and in essence, symbolically experience imagined results of our behavior before we perform it
Cool Runnings
shows mental imagery when they were in th ebathroom
the willingness to exert high levels of effort to reach one's goals
Olympic Commercials
show effort to achieve a goal
Bill Porter, Door to door sales man
showed motivation
Step One of Motivation
desire to perform, valence instrumentality
anticipated value or satisfaction one expects to recieve
the steps or activities one thinks they must perform to achieve a certain outcome
step two of motivation
effort = valience x instrumentality x expectancy
does that person believe they can do it?
step three
performance = effort + ability + foc us
(+ relevant because it means you can make up for one thing by being great at something else)
spending time on relavent activities necessary for goal achievement
boy scout story, held hands, point?
to show group
two or more interacting and interdependent individuals who come together to achieve particular objectives
juxtaposition performance:
to demonstrate group
positives of groups:
enhance performance, creativity
Scent of a Woman Movie Clip
three groups, dancers: goal to dance, Charlie and Frank: goal to get to know the girl
Apollo 13 movie clip
gave problem to a group to find a solution (enhanced creativity)
Group Negatives
pressures to perform at group mean level
Dead Poets Society Movie
pressures to conform
12 angry men video clip
pressure to conform
Band Performance
enhanced performance and creativity, interdependence, demonstrate the positives of group work
those who are able to influce otehrs an d possess managerial authority
Edison story
to show leadership
Babe movie clip
to show leadership and what he did effectively
Ruth Simmons movie clip
leadership styles
Jesse Jackson movie clip
to show influence
Hymen Rickover movie clip
leadership by influence, fear, intimiidation
Point of leadership movie clips
there is no best leadership style, morethan one style of effective leadership