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Chuck Yeager Example Point:
sometimes the only reason you can do something is because it was planned
Defining goals and establishing strategy to achieve goals
An object, aim, or end that one strives to attain
a philosophy that outlines what you want to be, what you want to do and the principles by which you live
Jerry Maguire Video Clip Point?
mission of a company didn't fit his mission for life, "guide"
Good Misison Statement Includes
clear, ambiguous, evokes emotion, differentiates
Golf Movie Point:
decided to go for it, mission, goal was immortality
Two Companies Demonstration Point?
planning need to achieve a long term goal
Video Clip: "Dummies" Point?
running a company is like climbing a mountain, the peak is always in sight byt then an avalanche comes along and you have to regroup
Strategic Management Process:
Define mission and goals
Evaluate Situation
Form. a plan after mission review
Implement Plan
Evaluate Performance
Video Clip: Shawshank Redemption Point?
to show mission and goals, strengths, threats etc
Video Clip: Powerbar
entreprenuers, opportunity, innovation
"Home shopping network example point?"
Didn't take action in time
Jimmy V Movie Clip Point:
need to have a dream, goal, vision, need to know who you are and where youve been