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Authentic record
Proven to be what it purports to be, and created by the person who actually created it.
Code of Federal Regulation
Specifies which records must be kept and how long they must be kept.
The means of rewarding employees for their labor.
Electronic business
An internet-based business.
Employee Polygraph Protection Act
Requires a copy of a statement be provided to the employee specifying incident under investigation, basis for testing, notice given to examiner, reports, questions, and all records related to the testing must be retained three years from the date of the test. Disclosure of test results must be limited.
Equal Pay Act
An amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires equal pay for women who are performing work substantially equal to that performed by men. It does allow for differences based on seniority, experience, and education.
Fair Labor Standards Act
Also known as the Wage and Hour Law, established the requirements for an employer to pay employees a minimum wage and time-and-a-half for overtime worked over 40 hours per week.
Family and Medical Leave Act
Requires an employer to provide an eligible employee up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a one-year period for medical emergencies for self or immediate family members.
Federal Social Security Act
Provides monthly benefits to insured persons and their dependents in the event of retirement, disability, or death and provides health insurance (Medicare) to persons 65 and over (and to some under 65 who are disabled).
Immigration Reform and Control Act
Requires employers to keep I-9 forms separate from personnel file, and keep copies of supporting identification and work authorization documents for at least three years.
Indirect compensation
A type of compensation more commonly known as employee or fringe benefits.
Output-based salary
Pay based upon productivity (output). These systems offer incentive so that the employee's salary will increase with increased productivity.
Records management
The process of controlling the life cycle of the record from creation to disposition.
Reliable records
One that can be trusted as full and accurate.
Retention periods
Specifies the length of time each record is kept prior to its destruction.
Changing records from active to inactive status
Unemployment insurance (UI)
Part of the Social Security Act, as its name implies, for workers who, without personal fault, become unemployed.
Workers' compensation
Provides coverage to employees who are incapacitated because of accidental injury, disease, or death incurred while on the job.