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Consequential principle
Judging the ethics of a situation by the consequences of that action
non consequential principle
carrying out a duty simply because of the duty
A code of ethics and beliefs that act as a guide when people formulate courses of action
Characteristics of a good code of ethics
*Serve as a basis for firing unethical personnel
*Protect all personnel from market pressure
Code of ethics must be
*passing with a score of at least 80%
Personal, moral code of ethical values are shaped by
*religious beliefs
*work experience/inexperience
*educational background
# of employees failing to give proper credit according to AMA
Ways in which organizations often encourage unethical behavior in employees
*offering unusually high rewards
*threatening unusually severe punishment
3 components of personal code of ethics
What is good
What is true
What is beautiful
Need written, tested, signed code of ethics
No simple set of rules tells us how to behave morally and ethically in all situations
Carnagie-Mellon's divisions of applied ethics thinking
Compliance training
alerts people to laws and regulations, as well as company policies establishing acceptable behavior
How manager develops employee's cognitive thinking
helping them think through moral mazes
Basic problem facing any business in its efforts to be ethical
There are no fixed guidelines to follow
Other names for codes of ethics
*codes of conduct
*general guidelines and procedures
Utilitarian standard
ethical decision by manager to provide the greatest good for the greatest number
Another name for utilitarian standard
Summen Bonum
Resistance approach
Firestone's decision to continue manufacturing dangerous tire after order to cease.
Green products
products with reduced energy and pollution connected with their manufacture and disposal
Social Audits
Indicate social performance of a business
Johnson and Johnson's credo
provides rewards for whistle blowers, making it easy for managers to take responsibility for their actions
Reason for Johnson and Johnson's #1 position of the Harris Interactive Corporate Reputation Study
Ethics and trustworthiness