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M) Managers are methodical planners
R) There is never enough time
M) Managers have no regular duties
R) They have to attend meetings and keep in touch with other managers
M) Manager's job is a science
R) Less of a science than an art, requiring intuition and judgement
M) Managers are self directed and autonomous
R) They want guidelines as well as the input of their boss
M) Good managers seek out the information they need
R) They will never have access to the data their bosses have
M) Competition among managers is good
R) Competition leads to scattered goals, collaberation is better
Management is:
exercising related functions and coordinating various resources
post hoc
because B happens after A, A caused B
The only constant in business
Measure of acheivement quality
customer's needs being met
Definition of leading
gaining commitments from organizational members to acheive management's goals
another word for inspiring
defintion of quality
internal and external customers
Top managers establish
long term goals
Top management positions
CEO, CFO, Vice Presidents
Functional managers
expertise lies in certain areas
First step in management
Priority of management functions 1
Priority of management functions 2
Priority of management functions 3
Priority of management functions 4
Leading (inspiring)
Priority of management functions 5
Controlling (Validation)
2 most important items
largest and smallest items
The most important thing is
Leading (Inspiring)
Final stage of organizing functions
Most of manager's time
According to Gallup, all great managers
break all conventional rules when needed
Measure of manager's influence 1
Does subordinate know what is expected of him or her?
Measure of manager's influence 2
Does subordinate feel his or her opinion counts?
Measure of manager's influence 3
Do subordinates have best friends at work?