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Frames and Organizations
shame, humiliation, and embarrassment can all be found with individuals dealing with stigmas
Three different organizations that deal with the stigma of being obese
1. Weight Watchers
2. National organization for the advancement of Fat acceptance
3. Overeaters Anonymous
What does weight watchers do?
it is a multination corporation the goal is to help clients lose weight and imprtantly profit, profit, profit. the organization gives a source of shame of body image of obesity being negative. the approach to dimish
shame is: to transform the body
Meaning of body: the body should be first over eating
What does NAAFa do?
it is a civil rights organization. organization is to fight against size discrimination . the source of shame revovles around social definitions of beauty, culture appearance norms. the approach to changing
shame is societal transformation
Meaning of Body: body is a symbol of self acceptance
what does Overeaters Anonymous do?
is a 12 step program modeled after AA. the goal is to support people from overeating
Shame is: to overcome by self transformation
Body: regainning control
Three organizations different views, what does it mean?
Female scholars argued that stigma is a marketing tool. in essence the more the body becomes slothfulness and shamefulness will be associated with fat bodies. organizations have a role in shaping and defining how fatness percieved