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Costs that are incurred to indentify defective products before the products are shipped to customers
Appraisal costs
Costs that are incurred when a product or service that is defective is delivered to a customer
External failure costs
Costs that are incurred as a result of identifying defective products before they are shipped to customers
Internal failure costs
Quality control requirements ussued by the International Organization for Standardization that relate to products sold in European countries
ISO 9000 Standards
Costs that are incurred to keep defects from occurring
Prevention costs
Small groups of employees that meet on a regular basis to discuss ways of improving quality
Quality circles
Costs that are incurred to prevent defectiveproducts from falling into the hands of customers or that are incurred as a result of defective units
Quality costs
A report that details prevention costs, appraisal costs, and the costs of internal and exteral failures
Quality cost report
The degree to which a product or service meets or exceeds its design specifications and is free of defects or other problems that mar its appearance or degrade its performance
Quality of conformance
A charting technique used to monitor the quality of work being done in a workstation for the purpose of immediately correcting any problems
Statistical process control