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what are the five components of the general environment?
environmental, sociological technological, political/legal, international
The task environment?
competitors, customers, suppliers, strategic partners, regulators
Five competitive forces?
threat of new entrants, competitive rivalry, threat of substitute, power of buyers/sellers
Arguments for social responsibility?
biz creates probs and should solve them, corps are citizens, biz have resources to solve, biz is a partner is society
Arguments against social responsibility?
purpose is profit, involvement in social progs give biz too much power, conflict of interest, biz lacks expertise
Reasons for multicultural competitive advantage?
resource acquistion, cost, marketing, creativity, prob solving, systems flexibility
Barriers to goal setting?
inappropriate, improper reward system, dynamic and complex environment, reluctance to establish goals, resistance to change, constraints
Overcome barriers?
understanding the purposes of goals and planning, communication and participation, consistency/revision/updating, effective reward systems