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What is training?
focuses on providing employees with specific skills or helping them correct defciencies in their performance
What is development?
An effort to provide employees with the abilities the organization will need in the future
What are the challenges in training?
Is trainging the solution?
Are the goals clear and realistic?
Is training a good investment?
Will training work?
What are the three steps in managing the training process?
Needs assessment
Development and Conduct Training
What are the three levels of assessment?
organizational, task, and person analysis
What is organizational analysis?
examines broad factors such as organization's culture, mission, business climate, long and short term goals, and structure.
What is task analysis?
Examination of the job performed
What is person analysis?
Examines which employees need training
What are the objectives of training?
Challenging precise, avhievable, and understood by all...increasing "interpersonal sensitivity" is a noble training goal
What are the components of OTJ training?
Job rotation, apprenticeships, internships, relevant to the job/spares expenses
What are some presentation options?
slides/videotapes, teletraining, computers, simulations, VR, classroom instruction and role plays
What is the most common type of training?
Skills Training
Skills Training
include people who have a great deal of informal or political power in the organization
problems core to light and something must be done quickly
multiple forms of a training package may be needed for different groups of trainees
What are job aids?
external sources of information such as pamphlets and reference guides that workers can access quickly when they need help in making a decision or performing a specific task.
What is retraining?
Focuses on giving employees the skills they need to keep pace with their job's changing requirements.
What is the job training partnership act (1982).
Largest single training program financed by FED government gives block grants to states which pass them on to local government and private entities that provide OTJ training for displaced workers
What is cross-functional training?
emphasize versatality
training employees to perform operations in other areas other than their assigned jobs job rotation
Who are peer trainers?
High performance workers who double as internal OTJ trainers
What is team training
content tasks relate to a team's goals
What is creativity training?
idea that creativity can be learned
What is brainstorming?
participants allowed to gather ideas and generate ideas
When is the most important training opportunity?
most important training opportunity occurs when employee starts with firm
What is orientation?
process of informing new employees about what is expected of them in the job and helpin them cope with the stresses of transistion.
What is socialization?
long-term process with several phases that help employees accimilate themselves to the new organization understand its culture and the company's expectations, and settle into the job.
What are the three phases of socialization?
1. anticipatory
2. Encounter
3. settling in
What is RJP (Realistic job preview)?
Realistic information about the demands of the job the organizations expectations of the job holder and the work environment.
What is an employee mentoring program?
Established worker serves as an advance to the new employee