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What are employee separations?
occurs when an employee ceases to be a member of an organization
What is a turnover rate?
Rate at which employees leave a firm
What does the cost of employee separations depend on?
whether managers intend to eliminate the position or to relace the departing employee
What are elements of turnover cost?
recruitment, selection, training, separation, exit interview, outplacement assistance
What is an exit interview?
employees final interview following separation (find out why?)
What is outplacement assistance?
helps former employees to find new job more easily
What are some benefits for employee separations?
Reduced Labor Cost
Replacement of Poor Performers
INcreased innovation
The opportunity for Greater diversity
What are voluntary separations?
separation that occurs when an employee decides for personal or professional reasons to end the relationship with the employer; avoidable or unavoidable
Describe the two different reason an employee quits.
Employees level of dissatisfaction with the job
The number of attractive alternatvies the employee has outside the organization
Why use voluntary severance plans?
reduce size of WF while avoiding the negative factors of layoff
What are involuntary separations and what are two reasons that management would enact them?
Management decides to terminate the relationship with the employee:
economic activity
poor fit
What is a discharge?
when management decides that there is a poor fit between an empolyee and the organization
What are layoffs?
employees lose job due to company's envoronment changes
What is downsizing?
Reduce the scale (size) and scope to impirove financial performance
What is rightsizing?
Reorganizing a company to improve efficiency.
What are some features of early retirement plans?
Package of financial incentive that makes it attractive for senior employees to retire earlier than they had planned.
Open window- restricst eligibility to accept it
How do you avoid problems with early retirements?
Should assess popularity
Should not make employees feel they are being forced to leave
What are some alternatives to layoffs?
Employment policies, changes in job design, pay and benefit policies,
What is attrition?
Employment policy designed toreduce company's workforce by not refillling job losses caused by turnover.
What is bumping?
Senior exmployee whose job is eliminated to bum down to another position.
What is WARN?
Workers Adjustment and Restraining Notification Act. 60 days notice for major layoff
What are the steps to implementing a layoff?
Developing layoff criteria (seniority)
Communicating to laid-off employees
coordinating media relations
maintaining security
Reassuring survivors of the layoffs
What is the percentage of employees who heard of a layoff by word of mouth?
What is outplacement?
HR program created to help separated employees deal with the emotional stress of job loss and provide assistance in finding a new job
What are the goals of outplacement?
Reducing morale problems of employees who are about to be laid off
Minimizing the amount of litigation initiated by separating employees
Assisting separated employees in finding comparable jobs