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Unpaid Leave for 12 weeks
Family and Medical Leave Act
Based on this act employers must pay higher wages for overtime beyond 40 hours per week
Fair Labor Standards Act
Deals with problems regarding private pensions
For those needing health insurance when you are laid off
Created the right-to-work laws
Taft-Hartley Act
The type of job evaluation method used by most medium and large organizations
Theory where individuals compare their outcomes and inputs to others
Jobs with similar points are combined into a ______
pay grade
Type of equity comparing jobs to those outside the firm
Rates above the pay range
red circle
This mandated benefit is given when one is laid off
unemployment comp
Cafeteria Plan where there are choices
flexible benefits
No fault when a worker gets injured
workers comp
After working five to seven years, they will receive the pension at retirement regardless if they remain with the employer
Not defined benefit plans but these plans include 401Ks, profit sharing, and stock ownership plans
defined contribution plans
These influence pay upward
Not a craft union but an _______
industrial union
The shop where you have to pay dues but do not have to join the union
agency shop
Not child care but for those older
elder care
This is the campaign before the election for the union
You need 30% of these cards for a representation election
The act that allowed unions to organize and collectively bargain with management
The French word when there are difficulties negotiating a contract
Management promises wage increases during the organizing campaign
unfair labor practices
This contract said that if you joined a union you would be terminated
yellow dog
Rate of pay for each unit produced
piece rate
Defined benefit plan
private pension
Health care plan that contract with health care professionals to provide services at a reduced fee and give patients incentives to use network providers
Making the pay grades more flexible and bigger
broad bands or banding
The safety standards do not cover these but reducing injuries and accidents should involve changing unsafe _______
Finding out about other company’s pay level
survey them
These factors are used in the point factor system to establish worth
Executive, professional, administrative, and outside sales
exempt jobs
Average pay in the pay grade to the midpoint of the pay grade
compa ratio
Fair Labor Standards Act deals with child labor, overtime, and something else
minimum wage
Similar to merit pay but the lump is not added to base
Organization-wide incentive where the link is based on profits
profit sharing
Group incentive which involves worker participation in reducing costs
gain sharing
It involves buying stock at a fixed price and may bring in huge amounts of compensation
stock options
An old gain sharing plan which is not either the Rucker or Improshare plan
According to the video these were too small
penalties or fines
OSHA requires that there are records kept on these and they are reported
Injuries and illnesses
Occupational Safety and Health Administration do these by visiting the worksite
You can not always possible to regulate all possible hazards so this clause helps
general duty
Employees have the right to do this when the workplace is unsafe
file a complaint and request an inspection; refuse to do hazardous work
Employee elected by union members to assist in an early step of the grievance procedure
The last step in a grievance procedure
Non-job-based pay but skills are important
pay for knowledge or skill-based pay
This type of equity compares individuals within a job category
Rates below the pay range
green circle
Organization distributes stock to its employees by placing the stock into a trust which is managed for the employees