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The behaviors are used for anchors in this job-related scale
The most popular rating scale and it is attributes based
graphic rating scale
Forced Distribution is an example of what type of scale
An appraisal method which is results-oriented and goals are set
Management by Objectives
The scale is said to be _____ if important criteria are not included
They are like intelligence tests and have good validity
cognitive ability tests
This technique can result in little or no information because of fear of defamation
reference checks
Very valid and costly but there is a very close correspondence between this selection technique and the job
work sample or job simulation
They are almost always positive so how can they be very valid
letters of recommendation
Which one of the big five traits – conscientiousness, agreeableness, or extroversion - is linked to excelling at work
One rating generalizes to all other dimensions
Has a large effect on the interview because it happens early
first impression
This is probably the most popular and has caused some companies to change their appraisal format
Supervisors typically rate too much in the middle of the scale – 3s
central tendency
who goes ahead of you affects the rating
You are essentially forced to quit because the organization is making your work life intolerable – we saw this in "Office Space"
constructive discharge
Refuses to do an illegal act
violation of public policy
What they say in interviews and in employee handbooks are used in wrongful discharge lawsuits charging a broken ______ contract
In the discipline process, this rule indicates a warning and the punishment is consistent and immediate
hot stove
Regarding the principles of justice, it is the outcome that is important for perceptions of fairness
To help in analyzing information and solving problems this technique is used in many universities
After we get trained we want to make sure that there was _____ to the workplace
This is one of the three parts of the needs assessment where you need to prioritize based on the organization’s goals
organizational analysis
Regarding the principles of training, this should be done over several sessions when learning skills and should be done over and over again
You observe, practice, get feedback for this technique which hopefully changes behavior
behavior modeling
Much more important than positive information
These are structured but not behavioral
Several members seek to interview each applicant at the same time
panel interview
Structured interviews typically use these to assess the candidate
scoring key
This type of fit is typically found through interviews
person-organization fit
They are not mediators and make a binding decision
This type of training begins when you first arrive
Another name for an honesty test
integrity test
A group of selection methods and exercises typically used to rate management potential and to promote managers
assessment center
One of the Big Five and they are not sociable or talkative
In giving effective feedback in an appraisal interview you want to minimize this
This appraisal method involves behaviors and they are rated on their frequency
This group should have their ratings confidential as they are giving feedback on those higher up
You are more likely to see this form of feedback in restaurants and hotels
One of the key purposes of performance evaluation but it is not administrative or developmental
This is typically part of the alternative dispute resolution process and involves a panel
peer review
This form of justice involves the process
Consequences get more serious at every step
Receiving training off-the-job with actual or similar equipment
They survey this less than before and involves attitudes towards pay, your supervisor, and work itself
It is learning that is not necessarily related to the current job and is future oriented
When you compare applicant’s test scores with their future job performance scores this is considered ________ validation
Each step of the selection process is a _______ and candidates must pass each step before they go to the next ________
One of the problems with drug testing is that some individuals may be inaccurately thought to be drug users
false positives
Employees who have emotional problems or substance abuse can be referred to this program
employee assistance programs or EAPs
These people are involved in predictive validation and typically are the ones that are drug tested