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mammary gland
modified sweat gland in superifcial fascia from 2-6th rib
lactiferous duct
dialtes near termination and constricts, contains sweat and sebaceous glands and areaolar gland of montgomery (lube)
fibrous septa
ligaments of cooper, run from subcutaenous tissue to fascia of chest wall
axillary tail of spence
normal extension of breast tissue to axilla
blood supply mamary
lateral thoracic. a and thoracoacromial a from AXILLARY a, perforating branches of internal thoracic a, 3-6th ant. intercostals aa
lymphatic drainage mammary
axillary vessels to axillary nodes (75%), internal thoracic vessels, subareolar plexus of sappy and circumareolar plexus
axillary lymph nodes
drain breast, pectoral region, upper abdominal wall and upper limb: anterior, posterior, lateral , central, apical
thoracic duct
lymph from below diaphragm and left upper quadrant of body and empties to jnct b/w left inernal juglar and subclavian v
right lymphatic duct
lymph from right upper quadrant of body and empties at right jugulo subclavian jct
developmental anamolies
supernumeray nupples polythelia occurs during milk line, inverted nipple, polymastia gynecomastia
cancer of the breast
attach to ligaments of cooper and produce shortening and dimpling of skin )peau d orange), watch for long thoracic n