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What are some soft anatomy characteristics of mammals? (6)
1. Glands (mammary)
2. Sebaceous Glands (oil secrectio=water proofing, moisture, sweat, etc)
3. Hair
4. Anucleate Erythrocytes
5. Lungs; muscular diaphram
6. Endothermic: maintaines a constant body temp-allowing for more activity
7. Four-chambered Heart
Compare the lungs of mammals to birds, ie which is more "advanced"?
Birds are more advanced because tr "air way" is unidirectional, while mammals is bi-directional and thus the new, incoming O2 is mixed w/the CO2 tt's left behind in the lungs at all times
What other soft anatomy (not lungs) do birds share w/mammals?
4-Chambered Heart
What are some hard anatomy characteristics of mammals? (4)
1. Lower Jaw; comprised of a single bone, the dentary
2. Jaw articulation; Dentary-Squamosal articulation
3. 3 earossicles (3 bones in the ear)
4. Bones
What is the Dentary-Squamosal Articulation?
The junction where the lower dentary bone meets w/the upper squamosal bone
What are the 3 earossicles in mammals?
1. Malleus
2. Incus
3. Stapes
What are the 3 componants of Hair? Describe each
1. Cuticle: scale-like pattern of cells
2. Cortex: highly packed middle layer containing pigment
3. Medulla: central core of cuboidal cells
What are the 3 types of hair?
1. Vibrissae
2. Guard Hairs
3. Underhairs
What are Vibrissae hairs?
Long stiff hairs w/well innervated bases tt primarily serve as tactile receptors
What are the three types of Guard Hairs?
Spines, Bristles, Awns
What are Guard Hairs?
Overhairs that are the most conspicuous on most mammals and serve mainly as protection
What are Spine Guard Hairs?
Greatly enlarged, stiff guard hairs w/definitive growth (porcupine quills)
What are Bristle Guard Hairs?
Long firm hairs w/angora growth (continuous). (horse and lion manes
What are Awn Guard Hairs?
Hairs w/definitive growth tt hv a firm expanded distal portion and a smaller weaker base. Most noticeable hairs on most mammals
What do underhairs do?
Primarily for insulation
What are the three types of underhairs?
Wool, Fur, Velli
What is Wool, Fur, and Velli?
Wool=angora underhair
Fur is fine, relatively short hair w/dfinitive growth all over body.
Vellie= down or fuzz
Mammals have which aortic arch? Reptiles? Birds?
mammals = left aortic arch
birds= right
reptiles = both
What part of the forebrain is greatly enlarged in mammals?
neopallium, or roof of the forebrain is proportionately larger in mammals than in other vertebrates
What elaboration of the midbrain is found only in mammals?
The corpora quadrigemine