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urethral opening is on dorsal surface of penis
urethral opening is on ventral surface of penis
Abnormally tight foreskin that cannot be retracted over glans penis
Peyronie disease
Subcutaneous fibrosis of dorsum of penis
Etiology unknown
swelling after foreskin has been forcebly retracted from glans penis
Can --> urethral obstruction
Inflammation of the glans penis
associated with poor hygeine
rare in circumsised men
Syphilis - infectious cause
Treponema pallidum
Progression of syphilis
primary: chancre on glans penis or prepuce
heals within 2-6 weeks
if untreated, can progress to secondary or tertiary syphilis
Gonorrhea - infectious cause
gram negative, diplococci
Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Clinical features of gonorrhea
aute purulent urethritis
extends to prostate and seminal vesicles
can also involve epididymis
rarely affects testes
Clinical presentation of chlamydia?
can cause epididymitis
should be suspected if there aer no bacteria in purulent urethral discharge
Bowen disease?
Men after 5th decade
Seen in uncircumsised men with poor hygeine
Single erythematous plaque on shaft of penis o on scrotum
May progress to invasive carcinoma (<10%)
Erythroplasia of Queyrat
Men in their 5th decade
Seen in uncircumsised men with poor hygeine
Can progress to invasive squamous cell carcinoma (10%)
Bowenoid papulosis
Seen in men younger than those with Bowen disease
Associated with HPV 16
See wart-like lesions
Pre-malignant but rarely progresses to invasive carcinoma
What is the most common type of penile cancer?
Squamous cell carcinoma
What is penile cancer often associated with?
HPV 16, 18, 31, 33
What is condyloma Acuminatum?
benign epithelial proliferation
SEssile/pedunculated papillary excrescence involving coronal sulcus or the inner surface of prepuce
What is the histology of condyloma acuminatum?
Branching stromal papillae covered by hyperplasic stratified squamous epithelium
Vacuolation of superficial epithelial cells
Orderly maturation of cells
developmental failure of a testis to descend into scrotum
Associated (even after correction) with increased risk of germ cell tumors, tesetcular atrophy and sterility
causes of cryptorchidism
usually idiopathic
trisomy 13
hormonal abnormalities
serous fluid filling and distending the tunica vaginalis
causes of hydrocele?
usually idiopathic
congenital in origin d/t persistence of continuity of tunica vaginalis with peritoenal cavity
secondary to infection
lymphatic blockage by tumor
accumulation of blood distending tunica vaginalis
caused by trauma or tumor
varicose dilation of multiple veins of spermatic cord