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most body cells have _____ set(s) of chromosomes while sperm have _____ set(s)
2 sets

1 set
what are the 2 roles of the male in sexual reproduction
a. produce sperm cells
b. to deliver the sperm cells to fertilize eggs
sperm is produced by the _____ also knows as ______ which are located in the ______.


the testes are formed inside the ____________ then move into the scrotum ___________.
abdominal cavity

shortly after birth
why is it necessary for the scrotum to be outside the body
the normal body temp. is too high for sperm to survive
when does sperm production begin
how many hormones does it take to regulate the function of the testes
how many sperm are produced per day in an average male
several hundred million
sperm is produced in the __________ in the testes. from there they enter a long coiled tube called the ___________ where they mature and become capable of swimming.
seminiferous tubules

The epididymis also _______ the sperm until they are needed. From here, the sperm move through the _________, another long tube and then into the urethra, which is the smae duct used to release _________.

vas deferens

name the parts of a sperm
head- enzymes, nucleus

mid piece- mitochondria

what is the function of mitochondria in sperm
it supplies energy
what is the function of the tail
makes sperm able to move
what is the function of the enzymes in the head area
help penetrate egg
what does the gland seminal vesicles do
supplies energy
what does the prostate gland do
add secretion that neutralizes acids in female reproductive system
what do the bulbourethral glands do
add secretion that neutralizes traces of acidic urine in the urethra
what is semen
the mixture of all the secretions
what organ deliever sperm from the male to the female