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What is the function of the male reproductive system?
production of spern
Where are sperm cells produced?
What is spermatogensis?
the process of making sperm ceols
Which 3 cells are there in the testes?
germ cells, interstitial cells, sustentacular cells
What is the c shaped structure around testes and what is the purpose?
epididymis - location of sperm maturation
What is the sac of skin, muscle, fat that surrounds the testes
Sperm production occurs at what temp?
35 degree celcius
what are the 2 tubes that carry ejaculating sperm from the epidydmis to the seminal vesicles?
ductus deferens
What is the ampulla?
widened end of the ductus deferens, gives 2nd squeeze
What secretes fluid into ejaculator duct?
seminal vesicles
what contains chemicals called prostaglandins?
seminal vesicles
where is 60% of all fluid in semen?
seminal vesicle
what is the tube that links ductus deferens with urethra?
ejaculatory duct
what is located around urethra and below bladder?
prostate gland
What gland secretes about 30% of semen and contains prostaglandins?
prostate gland
what is located beneath the prostate gland?
bulbourethral glandd
What is the function of the bulbourethral gland?
secrete the last 10% of the semen
Where is fluid secreted prior to ejaculation?
bulbourethral gland
What provides a way to deposit semen in the female reproductive system?
what can fill with blood during arousal
What are two types of erectile tissue?
corpus spongiosum - surrounds urethral tube
Corpus cavernosum - areas about urethra
Function of Female reproductive system?
produce ova, and contain and nourish fetus
where are the ovaries located?
laterally in pelvic cavity
What is the site of ova production (oogenesis)
what provides a link between an ovary and uterus
uterine tubes
what is the site of fertilization?
uterine tubes
what are finger like extensions that direct ovum into its opening?
What are the function layers of the uterus
myometrium, endometrium
What functional layer of the uterus is smooth muscle
What is the inner layer of the uterios and site of implantation
what layer of the uterus changes in thickness during ovulation
what is the narrow opening in the inferior end of the uterus
What is the tube that connects cervix of the uterus with outside
What is the external genitals of the female
What is the erectile tissue in females?