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What is the lymphatic drainage of the penis? Prostate? Testis
Penis: superficial inguinal nodes
Prostate: iliac lymph nodes
Testis: para-aortic lymph nodes
What types of lesions of the male genital tract are associated with HPV?
condylomas (warts) and SSC
What is the definitions of CIS, can it metastasize
carcinoma of the penis that does NOT invade the BM and therefore no metastatic potential
What are the most important factors in the development of carcinoma of the penis
higher risk in uncircumsized, and those with phimosis
What are the implicatinos of an underscended testis? What is the correct procedure when cryptorchidism is detected in an adult or adolescent?
infertility; higher risk for germ cell tumors
adolescent needs orchiectomy, adult needs close observation and PE
What are the clinical features of testicular torsion
young child with excruciating pain, often following phys activity or during sleep
what are the subtypes of testicular germ cell tumors
seminomas, embryonal cell carcinomas, yolk sack tumors, teratomas, choriocarcinomas, mixed germ cell tumors, stromal cell tumors
Which germ cell tumor is most common?
Which germ cell tumor has best prognosis
Seminomas, embryonal cell carc and yolk sac tumors have excellent prognoses
Which germ cell tumor has worst prognosis
What is the serum makrer for endodermal yolk sac tumor
alpha fetoprotein, also makes alpha one anty trypsin
What is the serum marker for choriocarcinoma
beta hcg
What is the relationship between nodular hyperplasia of prostat and protatic carcinoma
nodular hyperplasia does NOT predispose patient to development of carcinoma
What is the best serum marker for prostatic carcinoma, and is it helpful in detecting "early" carcinoma
Prostatic Specific Antigen, increased in confined (early)disease, BUT is not too specific
how are histologic grade and clinical stage of value in assessing treatment prognosis of prostatic cancer
histologic grade correlates with prognosis, INDEPENDENT OF STAGE
How would you treat a 75 yr old man with an occult, low grade carcinoma of the prostate
controversial, depends on clinical circumstance, may be follow only, radiation, surgery, or some combo
What is the typical radiographic appearance of prostatic carcinoma metastatic to bone
show up as increased bone density, osteoblastic