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different combinations of the A and S allele and their phenotypic consquences on the production of hemoglobin
AA= normal
AS= normal but can sickle undercertain conditions
SS= produces sickle cell can be lethal if untreated
mutation that causes production of sickle cell
Hb A- gluamic acid in the 6th position of the beta chain (146 a.a.)

Hb S- valine in the 6th positon of the beta chain
Sickle Cell Anemia
1. causes damage to crain and lung
2. Red blood cells (arethrocides) have characterstic sickle shape
3. hard time getting oxygen around the body b/c sickled cells can't travel through the veins properly
mutation-selection balance
a mutation introduces the new allele into the genome and this allele is preserved through the heterozygote
Prevalance of S allele
1. Old world (Greece, India, Turkey)
2. Tropical belt of Africa
genetic drift and gene flow in the spread of S allele
does not have an important effect on the prevalance of S allele