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HOLA(Homeowners Loan Act)
Refinance homes on 2% interest rate, prevent loss of mortgage
FHA(Federal Housing Administration)
Federal money given to banks so the banks could lend it to people for something dealing with homes
Federal money sent to farms to help pay for equipment..etc..
AAA(Agriculture Adjustment Act)
Allowed people to grow crops in allotment.....declared unconstitutional
PWA(Public Works Administration)
Dealt with p ublic works, gave people jobs - UNSKILLED WORKERS
WPA(Works Progress Administration)
Gave people jobs - SKILLED WORKERS
- Writers Project, Artist's Project, Theatre Projects
CCC(Civilian Conservation)
Do anything that had to deal with conservation
NYA(National Youth Administration)
Gauranteed young people a summer job, possibility of tuition upon completion of job, family had to already be getting help from government.
"Bank Runs"- Emergency Banking Act
"Banking Holiday" - all banks closed for 8 days
Gold Reserve Act
beyond a certain karat, couldn't circulate
Allowed industries to create their own "codes", declared unconstitutional
SEC(Security Exchange Commission)
Police for the stock market
Fair Labor Standards Act
Designed to protect the worker. First time government defined maximum work hour day and week. Minimum wage was set, and overtime was set.
TVA(Tennessee Valley Authority)
Supposed to work in cycle. Start building dams --> create electricity --> factory make fertilizer --> farmer gets to farm. Highly successful
Election of 1936
FDR --> Mandate, "court packing scheme" - Supreme Court 9 --> 15 --> unsuccessful
Charles Caughlin
Supportive of FDR at beginning. Became enemy of FDR
Huey Long
Governor of Louisianna. Supportive of FDR at beginning. "Populist"
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
he was given job to spy on GWP. He became on the GWP. Became leader of GWP(Fuhrer)
Munich, Barvaria
Beer Hall Putsch
Rhineland and Austria
Hitlers first and second bloodless victories.
Munich Conference
Polish Corridor
Invasion of Poland
Fast, hard, finish quickly. first was attacks by plane, then by tanks, then by infantry.
Phoney War
Britain and French are not doing anything.
Blitzkrieg West
Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands
Battle of Britain
led by Rommel "The Desert Fox" --> Afrika Korps
Italo-Ethiopian War
Italy invades Ethiopia
Neutrality Act of 1935
Cant buy stuff from nations that are @ war. Can't dock @ their ports, and can't be on their ships.
Neutrality Act of 1937
May with nations @ war, but can't be war materials and only on a cash & carry basis.
Neutrality Act of 1939
Trade anything but only on a cash & carry basis.
Destroyers-for-bases Deal
Winston Churchill - we gave Britain 50 destroyers and we get any British ports
Lend-Lease Act
Gave Roosevelt the power to lend or lease any American materials to who he felt necessary. 80% of it went to Britain. 17% went to Soviet Union.
USS Ruhen James, USS Greer
both of these were sank by U-boats.
Operation Torch
Kasserine Pass
Conference @ Casablanca
unconditional surrender
Sicily --> Italy
Josef Stalin. Germany's first decisive defeat. Germans will be on defensive the rest of the time. The turning point of the war.
Operation Overlord. Normady.
Pearl Harbor
Japan surprisingly bombs USA port at Pearl Harbor. 12-7-1941. Adm. Yamamato
Battle of the Coral Sea
Stalemate. Naval battle between Japan and USA
Battle of Midway
Turning point of war. Japan will be on the defensive for the rest of the war.
D. MacArthur, C. Nimitz
"island hopping" - strategic plan of attacking japan controlled islands.
Manhatten Project
Creation of atomic bombs
Using 'the' bomb
1. Just drop it!
2. use it on a deserted island to show what we can do.
3. Warn them, if they dont surrender then drop it.

#3 -->chose this choice
Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. Dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945.
Emperor of Japan
Hirohito. Spoke on the radio for the first time a emperor has done it. Never technically used the words surrender. only said the army has served its country well, and should end fighting.
Federal Emergency Relief Act
FERA distributed more than 20 million dollars in direct aid to the unemployed. This in turn would help the unemployed find new jobs
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)
The FDIC provides deposit insurance which (currently) guarantees checking and savings deposits (in member banks up to $100,000 per depositor.)