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Serratus anterior (location)
along the anferioral/lateral side of the chest...goes backward to attatch to scapula
Serratus anterior (function)
holds scapula up against the rib cage
Trapezius (location)
in the posterior portion of the neck and posterior upper back
Trapezius (function)
helps to extend the head (head goes back) also helps to shrug shoulders
Pectoralis major (location)
anterior portion of the chest; attatched to the sternum and the humerus
Pectoralis major (function)
helps to flex upper extremity; flexes the arm at the shoulder. Also adducts upper extremeity. Medially rotates upper limb
Latissimus dorsi (location)
in the back
Latissimus dorsi (function)
extends, adducts, and medially rotates upper extremity
Deltoid (location)
triangular shpaed muscle located in the shoulder
Deltoid (function)
abducts upper extremity
Teres major (location)
from the scapula to the humerus
Teres major (function)
assists the latissimus dorsi
Rotator cuff mucles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus teres minor, and subscapularis) (location)
all attatch to scapula (go over humerus)
Rotator cuff mucles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus teres minor, and subscapularis) (function)
hold humerus up against the scapula; help to rotate head of humerus in Glenoid fossa
Biceps brachii (location)
muscle with two heads located in the anterior part of the arm. Upper part attatches to scapula; lower to radius
Biceps brachii (function)
to help supinate the upper extremity
Brachialis (location)
located in the anterior part of the arm. Deep to biceps brachii; attatches from humerus to ulna
Brachialis (function)
To flex the upper extremity
Brachioradialis (location)
on the lateral part of the forearm. From humerus *superficial muscle*
Brachioradialis (function)
helps to pick up glasses/drinks (partially supinates for gripping motion of hand)
Triceps brachii (location)
Located in the posterior arm; from humerus to olecranon process of the ulna
Triceps brachii (function)
extends the forearm
Supinator (location)
located in the forearm
Supinator (function)
to supinate
Pronators (location)
Anterior part of the forearm
Pronators (function)
to pronate
Flexor carpi radialis (location)
anterior part of the forearm (*radialis)
Flexor carpi radialis (function)
causes abduction of the hand; flexes the hand at the wrist
Flexor carpi ulnaris (location)
anterior part of the forearm (*ulnaris)
Flexor carpi ulnaris (function)
flexes the hand at the wrist; causes an adduction of the hand
Flexor digitorum (superficialis and profundus) (location)
Located in thedeep anterior forearm
Flexor digitorum (superficialis and profundus) (function)
flexes the digits; can also flex the wrist
Flexor pollicis longus (location)
located in the anterior lateral part of the forearm
Flexor pollicis longus (function)
Flexes the thumb
Thenar muscles (location)
lateral part of the hand
Thenar muscles (function)
flex the thumb; allow for opposition, allow abduction, and adduction
Lumbricals and Interossei (location)
Palm of the hand
Lumbricals and Interossei (function)
Abduct and adduct the fingers allow flexion of metecarpal - phalangeal joint
Hypothenar muscles (location)
Medial part of the hand
Hypothenar muscles (function)
Oppose; adduct; abduct; and flex the little finger
Iliopsoas (location)
Anterior side; Posterior part of the abdomen...goes over and attatches to femur.
Iliopsas (function)
flex thigh at the hip
Gluteus maximus (location)
in the back of the hip coming from the sacrum and the coccyx and goes out toward femur
Gluteus maximus (function)
extends the thigh at the hip
Gluteus medius (location)
deep in the gluteus maximus runs from the pelvis to the femur
Gluteus medius (function)
abducts the thigh at the hip
Tensor fasciae latae (location)
Lateral part of the thigh
Tensor fasciae latae (function)
Abducts the thigh at the hip
Adductors (location)
the medial part of the thigh
Adductors (function)
they adduct
Quadriceps femoris (location)
crosses hip joint anteriorly
Quadriceps femoris (function)
flex thigh at the hip; extends the leg at the
hamstrings (function)
antagonistic to the quadriciep; extends the thigh; flexes at the knee
Tibialis anterior (location)
anterior side of the tibia
Tiabialis anterior (function)
causes dorsiflexion of foot
Tibialis posterior (location)
posterior side of the tibia
Tibiallis posterior (function)
causes plantarflexion of the foot *tib----
Gastrocnemius (location)
posterior of the tibia (deep to the tibialis posterior)
Gastrocnemius (function)
causes plantar flexion of the foot *gas-----
Soleus (location
deep to the gastrocnemius
Soleus (function)
causes plantarflexion of the foot *sol-----
Peroneus (longus and brevis) (location)
lateral side of the leg (superficial)
Peroneus (longus and brevis) (function)
eversion of the foot and participate in plantarflexion
Extensor hallucis longus (function)
Extends the big toe
Extensor digitorum longus (function)
Extends the digits of the foot