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What work center in an organizational maintenance
activity acts as the nerve center for all
maintenance actions within an activity?
Maintenance control.
What officer is responsible for the overall production
effort and material support of a maintenance
Maintenance material control officer (MMCO).
What automated management information system
(MIS) provides a Navy aviation maintenance
activity with the information to aid in the
day-to-day management of maintenance for
assigned aircraft and equipment?
Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
What program is designed to ensure that aircraft
and aeronautical equipment is maintained
throughout its service life by controlling
Planned Maintenance System (PMS).
What type of publication provides the basis for
planning, scheduling, and performing scheduled
maintenance tasks?
Planned Maintenance System (PMS) publications.
What type of PMS publication includes the
minimum requirements for the accomplishment of
a scheduled maintenance task?
Maintenance requirements cards (MRCs).
What type of PMS publication contains
mandatory removal and replacement intervals for
components and assemblies and a conditional
inspection listing?
Periodic maintenance information cards (PMCs).
What type of PMS publication provides
abbreviated instructions for the accomplishment
of a turnaround inspection?
Provided no flight takes place and no
maintenance other than servicing is performed,
for what maximum time are daily inspections
72 hours.
What (a) aircraft logbook page and (b)
aeronautical equipment service record pages
should be verified for accuracy during aircraft
acceptance inspections?
(a) Monthly Flight Summary, (b) equipment operating records.
What type of inspection is required as a result of a
specific overlimit condition or as a result of a circumstance or event that creates an
administrative requirement for an inspection?
Hard landing, engine overspeed, and engine
overtemp are all examples of what type of
What type of aircraft evaluation is required
between 6 months prior to or 3 months after the
period end date of ASPA aircraft?
Aircraft Service Period Adjustment.
What type of inspection has a prescribed interval
other than daily or phase and is based on elapsed
calendar days, flight hours, operating hours,
cycles, or events?
Special inspection.
What deviation may be applied to inspections
performed in increments of calendar days?
Plus or minus (±) 3 days.
A phase inspection is due at 100 flight hours. This
inspection may be performed as early as what
number of flight hours without having to readjust
the next “phase due “flight hours?
90 flight hours.
A phase inspection is due at 100 flight hours. This
inspection may be performed as early as what
number of flight hours without having to readjust
the next “phase due “flight hours?
At 180 flight hours.
An inspection based on flight hours is performed
earlier than the 10 percent authorized deviation.
In this instance, what aircraft logbook record
requires an entry?
Miscellaneous/History record.
The MAF is used to document maintenance
actions on complete end items. True or False?
What source document is used to document
technical directive compliance?
Maintenance Action Form (MAF), OPNAV 4790/60.
In NALCOMS OMA, the signature of the
maintenance controller who clears a MAF is
electronically posted to the MAF after entry of
what information?
An authorized log in and the use of his or her password.
The ORG code, block A08 on the MAF, should
reflect the ORG code of the activity originally
assigning a JCN to the maintenance action except
on what occasion?
When the aircraft is in a transient status.
Passwords allow maintenance technicians to
access NALCOMIS. What code allows a
maintenance technician to perform preassigned
Special maintenance qualification (SMQ) code.
Upon initiation of a discrepancy MAF, two copies
are printed. One copy is placed inside the aircraft
discrepancy book (ADB). How long should the
copy inside the ADB remain there?
As long as the discrepancy remains outstanding.
What source document is used to record and
report flight data?
Naval aircraft flight record (NAVFLIR).
What publication contains detailed procedures
for initiating the naval aircraft flight record (NAVFLIR)?
Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS)
General Flight and Operating Procedures, OPNAVINST 3710.7.
The NAVFLIRS (Naval Flight Record Subsystem)
Daily Audit Report contains data from the previous days data submission. Which part of the DAR contains valid data?
NAVFLIRS Daily Audit Report, Part I.
What NAVFLIRS report identifies total aircrew
assigned to an activity and special flight
Individual Master Roster, NAVFLIRS-00.