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the SI unit of magnetomotive force (mmf)
ampere-turn (At)
a formation of a group of magnetic lines of force surrounding a conductor created by electrical current in the conductor
electromagnetic field
the opposition to the establishment of a magnetic field in a material
an electromagnetically controlled mechanical device in which electrical contacts are opened or closed by a magnetizing current
the measure of ease with which a magnetic field can be established in a material
the cause of a magnetic field, measured in ampere turns
magnetomotive force
the lines of force between the north and south poles of a permanent magnet or an electromagnet
magnetic flux
a force field radiating from the north pole and south pole of a magnet
magnetic field
a physical law that states when the current through a coil changes, the poloraity of the induced voltage created by the changing of the magnetic field is such that it always opposes the change in current that caused it. The current cannot change instantaneously
lenz's law
voltage produced as a result of a changing magnetic field
induced voltage
a characteristic of a magnetic material whereby a change in magnetization lags the application of the magnetic field intensity
a law stating that the voltage induced across a coil equals the number of turns in the coil times the rate of change of the magnetic flux
faraday's law
the ability of a material, once magnetized, to maintain a magnetized state without the presence of a magnetizing force
an electromagnetically controlled device in which the mechanical movement of the shaft or plunger is activated by a magnetizing current
an electromagnetic device that converts electrical signals to sound waves
the si unit of magnetic flux, which represents 10 8th lines
weber (wb)