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LU 1
Regulates LU Qi: stops cough & painDescends LU & ST QiDisperse chest fullness
LU 3
Calms Corporeal Soul(po): depression, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, mental confusion, forgetfullness
LU 5
Clear LU Heat & expel phlegmDescend rebellious QiRelax sinews & regulate Water passages (UB)
LU 6
Regulates & descends LU QiClear Heat & stops bleedingAcute pain
LU 7
Releases ext. & expels WindTonifies descending & dispersing of LU QiCirculates Wei Qi & releases ext.Command pt. for head & back of neckOpens: Ren Mai, nose, & Water PassagesCommunicates w/LI
LU 9
Tonifies: LU Qi, Yin, & Gathering QiResolves phlegm & stops coughPromotes xue circulation & influences pulse (blood vessels)Clears LU & LR Heat
LU 10
Clear LU HeatBenefits the throat
LU 11
Revives consciousnessExpel int. & ext. WindClears Heat & benefits throat
LI 1
Clears HeatBrightens eyes & benefits throatExpel Wind & scatters ColdRevive Consciousness 
LI 4
Expel Wind & release ExteriorRegulates Wei & adjusts sweatingTonifies Qi & consolidates ExteriorStimulates dispersing fxn of LU & stops painHarmonize ascending of Yang & descending of YinCommands face & mouthRemove channnel obstructionsPromote Labor
LI 6
Clears Heat & disperses LURegulate LU Water passagesMental Problems
LI 11
Expels ext. WindClears HeatsCools BloodResolve Damp & alleviate itchingRegulates Qi & BloodBenefits sinews & joints
LI 15
Benefits sinews & shoulder jointRegulates Qi & blood & stops painExpels Wind-Damp - dermatological conditions
LI 18
Benefits throatRelieves cough & wheezingResolve phlegm & disperse masses
LI 20
Opens noseExpels Wind & clears heat
ST 4
Eliminates Wind from faceActivates channel & stops pain
ST 6
Eliminates Wind & benefits jaw & teethActivates channel & alleviates pain
ST 8
Expels WindClears HeatRelieves HA's, brightens eyes, stops lacrimation, relieves dizziness
ST 9
Clears Heat & benefits throatMoves QiRemove masses & swelling
ST 18
Regulates ST QiRegulates the breast & lactationDispels stagnation
ST 21
Regulates STSubdues rebellious QiStops vomiting & pain
ST 25
Regulate Intestines, SP, & STRegulates Qi & BloodClears HeatRelieves food Yu
ST 28
Opens Water PassagesBenefits urination, bladder, & uterusDispels Yu & regulates menstruationStops pain
ST 29
Regulates Qi & Blood & stagnation
ST 30
Regulates ST Qi & ChongPromotes Essence (LR/KD)Sea of Nourishment
ST 34
Regulates ST Qi & stops painExpels Wind & DampAcute conditions
ST 36
Harmonizes ST & IntestinesBenefits ST & SPTonifies Qi & BloodRegulates Ying & Wei QiStrengthens Body & ImmunityBrightens eyesRescues collapsed YangBrightens eyesExpel Wind & DampResolves edema
ST 38
Removes channel obstruction & expels Wind-Damp
ST 39
Regulates ST & Intestines - esp. SIElimates Damp-Heat & Wind-Damp & stops pain
ST 40
Resolves Phlegm & DampBenefits chest & calms asthmaClears ST-HeatCalms & clears the Mind (HT & LU phlegm)
ST 41
Clears Heat from ST channel and fuCalms the SpiritBrightens eyes
ST 42
Tonifies SP & STCalms the MindRemoves channel obstructions
ST 44
Clears HeatEliminates fullness Regulates Qi, stops pain, & eliminate Wind from the face
SP 1
Stops bleeding (Moxa): spotting, nose, intestinal, StomacheTonifies & strengthens SPCalms the Mind
SP 3
Tonifies SP QiResolves Dampness (D-H)Strengthens the Spine
SP 4
Regulates SP, ST, Chong and LIRegulates menstruationCalms the SpiritHarmonize MJ and diarrhea
SP 6
Tonifies SP/ST (Resolve Damp), Yin & Blood, & KD'sMoves & cools BloodHarmonizes LR & calms the MindRegulate menstruation, urination, & induce laborStops Pain   
SP 9
Remove Damp, Cold, & PainOpens & moves waterwaysBenefits the LJ
SP 10
Tonifies, cools, & moves BloodBenefits the skin (rashes, eczema)Regulates menstruation
SP 15
Moves Qi and regulates the intestinesStrengthen the limbsTonify SP and resolve DampStop pain
SP 21
Regulates Qi & Blood in whole body minute blood vesselsRelieve chronic muscle & chest pain
HT 1
Clears Empty heatNourishes HT YinMoves Qi & Blood in the chest
HT 3
Clears HT heatCalms ShenRemoves channel obstructions
HT 5
Calms ShenOpens into the tongue and benefits the BladderTonifies Ht Qi
HT 6
Calms ShenClears heatNourish HT YinStops sweating
HT 7
Calms ShenNourishes HT BloodOpens the orifices (mental problems)
HT 8
Clears HT Fire, Empty-Fire, & Phlegm FireClams ShenRegulates HT Qi
HT 9
Calms ShenRevives consciousnessClears heat & benefits eyes, throat, & eyesSubdue internal wind (stroke)
SI 1
Clears heat & subdues WindOpens the orifices (consciousness)Promotes lactation
SI 3
Eliminates interior form the DUExpels exterior Wind-Tai Yang SynBenefits sinewsResolves Dampness & JaundiceClears the MindClears the 5 epilepsies
SI 4 
Eliminates Damp-Heat (jaundice) & reduces swellingStimulates Wei QiRemoves channel obstruction
SI 6 
Brightens eyesBenefits shoulder & elbow sinewsActivates channel and reduces pain
SI 7
Clears heat & calms the mindRemoves channel obstructions
SI 19
Benefits the earsCalms Spirit
UB 1
Expels WindClears HeatBrightens eyesStops: pain, itching, & lacrymation
UB 2
Expels Wind & clears heatSoothes the LR & brightens eyesRemoves channel obstruction
UB 7
Subdues WindOpens orifices: nose & brightens eyesStops convulsions
UB 10
WOS & Sea of Qi- clears the brain & opens sensory orifices, brightens eyesExpels WindRemove channel obstructionInvigorates the lower back
UB 11
Nourishes Blood & MarrowExpels Wind & releases exteriorStrengthens bonesSoothes the sinews
UB 12
Expels & prevent exterior WindReleases the exteriorStimulates LU dispersing functionRegulates Ying and Wei
UB 13
Tonifies LU Qi & nourishes LU YinDescends & disseminates LU QiClears LU heatRegulates the Ying & Wei
UB 14
Regulates the HT
UB 15
Calms the MindClears heatStimulates the brainInvigorates the BloodNourishes the HT
UB 17
Invigorates the Blood and dispels stasisCools blood & stops bleedingNourishes & harmonizes the BloodHarmonizes the diaphragm & descends rebellious Qi
UB 18
Benefits LR & GBResolves Damp-heatMoves stagnant QiBenefits the eyesEliminates Wind
UB 19
Clears Damp-Heat from LR & GBPacifies the STRelaxes the diaphragm
UB 20
Tonifies SP & STResolves DampNourishes Blood
UB 21
Regulates & tonifies the STResolves Damp & food stagnation
UB 22
Opens water passagesResolves dampnessRegulates transformation of  LJ fluids
UB 23
Tonifies the KD & nourishes the KD essence & YinStrengthens the lower backNourishes BloodBenefits bones & marrowResolves dampnessBenefits eyes & ears
UB 25
Promotes function of LIStrengthens lower backRemoves channel obstruction by moving Qi & BloodRelieves fullness and swelling
UB 27
Promotes SI functionResolves DampClears heatBenefits urination
UB 28
Regulates UBClears Damp-HeatDispels stagnation & opens water passagesStops pain
UB 31-34
Regulates LJTonifies lumbar region & kneesNourishes KD's & essence
UB 39
Opens water passages in LJStimulates transformation and excretion of fluids in LJBenefits the bladder
UB 40
Benefits lumbar region,knees, & UBClears heat & cools bloodResolves DampnessEliminate blood stasisClear summer-heat & stops vomiting & diarrhea
UB 42
Stimulates descending of LU QiClears heat, cough, & asthmaPo: sadness, grief, & worry
UB 43
Tonifies QiStrengthens XU-chronic diseasesNourishes essenceNourishes LU Yin- stops cough & asthmaInvigorates the Mind
UB 44
Calms the MindShen: anxiety, insomnia, depression
UB 47
Regulates LR QiRoots the Hun: anger, depression, frustration.
UB 49
Tonifies SpYi:memory, concentration, obsessive thoughts
UB 52
Tonifies KDStrengthens the backZhi: strengthens will power
UB 53
Benefits lumbar region, activates channel & alleviates painRegulates LJ & benefits urination
UB 54
Benefits lumbar region & sciaticaRegulates urination & treats hemorrhoids
UB 57
Relaxes sinews in calf & heelInvigorates blood & clears heatActivates channel & alleviates painHemorroids, back pain, sciatica
UB 58
Harmonizes the upper & lowerStrengthens KDclears heat- hemorroids
UB 59
Removes channel obstructionInvigorates Yang QiaoStrengthens the back & legs
UB 60
Expels WindRelaxes sinews & strengthens lower backClears heatInvigorates bloodPromotes labor
UB 62
Removes channel obstructionRelaxes sinewsClears heat & calms the mindOpens the Yang QiaoEliminates interior WindBenefits the head & eyes
UB 63
Clears heat, stops pain, & calms ShenStarting point of Yang Wei
UB 64
Clears heatEliminates WindCalms the MindClears the brainStrengthens the back
UB 67
Expels Wind & clears the head & eyesTurns the fetus & facilitates Labor
KD 1
Tonifies YinClears heatSubdues Wind & Empty-HeatCalms the MindRestores consciosnessDescends excess from the head & clears the brain
KD 2
Clears Empty-HeatInvigorates Yin WeiCools bloodRegulates the KD's
KD 3
Tonifies the KD'sBenefits EssenceStrengthens lower back & kneesRegulates the Uterus
KD 4
Strengthens the back, the will, & dispels fearAnchors the Qi & benefits the LU
KD 5
Benefits urinationPromotes circulation of BloodStops Abdominal painRegulates the Uterus
KD 6
Nourishes YinBenefits the eyes, throat, chest, & calms the MindInvigorates Yin QiaoCools the BloodPromotes function of the Uterus
KD 7
Tonifies the KD'sResolves Damp & Damp-HeatEliminates edemaStrengthens the lower backRegulates sweating
KD 8
Removes obstructions from the channel & Yin QiaoStops abdominal painRemoves massesRegulates menstruation
KD 9
Calms ShenOpens the chest - phlegm disturbing the HTTonifies KD YinRegulates the Yin Wei
KD 10
Expels Dampness from the LJTonifies the KD Yin
KD 13
Regulates Chong, Ren, & LJUrogenital & gynecological issues
KD 16
Removes channel obstructionsTonifies the KD'sBenefits the HT
KD 23-25
Tonifies the KD'sCalms the MindBenefits the breasts & unbinds the chest
KD 27
Stimulates KD function of reception of QiSubdues rebellious Qi- stops cough & asthmaResolves phlegm
PC 3
Harmonizes ST & intestines & stops vomitingClears heat from the Qi,Ying, & BloodOpens the orifices & stops convulsionsMoves blood & dispels stasisCalms Shen
PC 4
Removes channel obstructions, chest pain, & any acute conditionsCalms the HT & opens the chestCools blood & stops bleedingCalms Shen
PC 5 
Resolves Phlegm in the HTRegulates HT Qi & STOpens the chestClears Heat
PC 6
Opens the chestRegulates HT Qi, Blood, Yin Wei, SJ, & STCalms Shen
PC 7
Calms ShenClears HT & Ying HeatRegulates & cools BloodHarmonizes ST
PC 8
Clears Ht FireClears heat in Ying & Blood & cools BloodCalms Shen
PC 9
Clears Heat from PC, Qi, & YingRestores consciousnessExpels Wind
SJ 1
Clears Wind & UJ HeatRestores consciousnessInvigorates blood and stops painStops convulsions
SJ 2
Clears Wind-HeatBenefits the earRemoves channel obstructions
SJ 3
Clears Wind-HeatBenefits the ears, head, eyes, & faceRegulates LR QiRemoves channel obstructions in whole body, neck, & backLifts the Mind
SJ 4
Relaxes sinewsRemoves channel obstructionsClears HeatRegulates ST & promotes fluid transformation in LJBenefits original QiTonifies Chong & Ren
SJ 5
Expels Wind-HeatReleases the ExteriorRemoves channel obstructionBenefits the head & earSubdues LR YangOpens the Yang Wei
SJ 6
Regulates Qi & clears heat in 3 JiaosRemoves channel obstructions & moves LI constipation d/t heatClears Wind-Heat & benefits skin and ears
SJ 7
Removes channel obstructions & stops painBenefits the eyes & ears
SJ 8
Removes 3 Arm Yang obstructions in channelsClears Heat
SJ 10
Relaxes tendonsResolves Damp, Phlegm, & nodules or massesDipels LR Qi stagnation & clears HeatRegulates Nutritive & Defensive Qi
SJ 14-15
Dispels Wind-Damp-Bi in shoulder, neck, & chest
SJ 17
Expels Wind & treats facial paralysisBenefits the ears
SJ 23
Expels WindBrightens the eyesStops Pain
GB 1
Clears Wind-HeatClears FireBrightens the eyes
GB 2
Removes chanel obstructions in ears & jawEpels exterior Wind
GB 6
Remove channel obstructions esp. one-sided migraines & ear pain
GB 8 
Removes channel obstructions esp. migrainesBenefits the ears, ST, & diaphragm d/t Cold issuesTreats addictions- alcoholism
GB 9
Removes GB obstructions & heatSubdues rising Qi- migrainesEliminates interior WindCalms spasms & Shen
 GB 12
Eliminates WindCalms spasms & ShenSubdues rising Qi
GB 13
Calms Shen-psychiatric & schizophrenia issuesEliminates WindGaters Essence to the headClears the brain
GB 14
Eliminates exterior WindSubdues rising QiClears vision eye disorders
GB 15
Regulates the MindBalances emotions
GB 20
Eliminates exterior or interior WindSubdues LR YangClears Heat & calms ShenBenefits the eyes & ears
GB 21
Relaxes sinewsMoves PhlegmPromotes lactation & delivery
GB 24
Resolves Damp-HeatPromotes the function of the GB & LR
GB 25
Tonifies the KD's & fortifies the SPRegulates water passages & intestines
GB 26
Regulates the Uterus & Dai MaiResolves Damp-Heat
GB 29
Benefits the hip joint
GB 30
Removes channel obstructionsTonifies Qi & BloodResolves Damp-Heat
GB 31 
Expels WindRelaxes sinewsStregthen the bonesRelieves itching
GB 34
Promotes smooth flow of LR QiResolves Damp-HeatRemoves channel obstructionRelaxes sinewsSubdues rebellious Qi
GB 35
Relaxes sinewsInvigorates channel obstruction
GB 36
Removes channel obstructions & stops painClears toxic heat
GB 37
Brightens the eyesExpels Wind & DampConducts Fire downwards
GB 38
Subdues LR YangClears HeatResolves Damp-Heat
GB 39
Benefits EssenceNourishes MarrowEliminates Wind
GB 40
Promotes smooth flow of LR & GB QiTonifies the GBClears GB Heat & Damp-Heat
GB 41
Resolves Damp-HeatPromotes smooth flow of LR QiRegulates Dai Mai
GB 43
Subdues LR YangBenefits the ears, head, & eyesResolves Damp-Heat
GB 44
Clears HeatBenefits the eyes, head, chest, & lateral costal regionCalms Shen
LR 1
Regulates menstruationResolves Damp-HeatPromotes the smooth flow of LR QiRestores consciousness
LR 2
Clears LR FireSpreads LR & GB QiSedates LR YangCool sBloodSubdues interior Wind
LR 6 
Removes channel obstructionsPromotes smooth flow of LR QiStops pain
LR 7
Resolves wind-Bi in the knees & legs
LR 8
Clears Damp-Heat from LJBenefits the Bladder & GenitalsInvigorates Blood & benefits the UterusNourishes LR Blood & Yin
LR 13
Promotes smooth flow of LR QiHarmonizes the LR & SPBenefits the SP & STRelieves food retention
LR 14
Promotes smooth flow of LR QIHarmonizes LR & STClears Heat & cools Blood
LR 3
Promotes smooth flow of LR QiSedates LR Yang & extinguishes WindCalms Shen & spasmsTonifies LR Yin & BloodRegulates menstruation
LR 4
Promotes smooth flow of LR Qi in LJClears Damp-Heat
LR 5
Promotes smooth flow of LR Qi in genitals & urinationClears Damp-Heat in LJ
Ren 1
Nourishes YinBenefits EssenceDrains Damp-HeatCalms Shen & resuscitates 
Ren 3
Resolves Damp-HeatRegulates UBClears Heat
Ren 4
Nourishes Blood & YinStrengthens YangTonifies KD'sBenefits Original QiCalms ShenRoots the HunRegulates the Uterus
Ren 5
Strengthens Original QiPromotes function of transformation & excretion of fluids in LJOpens Water passages
Ren 6
Tonifies Qi & YangRegulates Qi & BloodTonifies Original QiResolves Dampness
Ren 7
Tonifies KD YinRegulates the UterusChong point        
Ren 8
Rescues YangStrengthens SpTonifies Original Qi
Ren 9
Promotes transformation of fluidsControls Water passages
Ren 10
Promotes descending of ST QiRelieves food stagnationTonifies SP
Ren 11
Promotes rotting & ripening of the STStimulates descending of ST Qi
Ren 12
Tonifies ST & SPResolves DampnessRegulates ST QI
Ren 13
Subdues rebellious ST QIRegulates the HT
Ren 14
Subdues rebellious ST QiCalms ShenClears the HT
Ren 15
Calms ShenBenefits Original QiNourishes all Yin organs
Ren 17
Tonifies & regulates QiDispels chest fullnessClears the LU'sResolves PhlegmBenefits the diaphragm & breasts
Ren 22
Stimulates descending of LU QiResolves Phlegm & clears HeatStops cough & wheezingBenefits the throat & voice
Ren 23
Dispels interior WindPromotes speechClears Fire & PhlegmSubdues rebellious Qi
Ren 24
Expels exterior Wind invading the face
DU 1
Regulates Du & RenResolves Damp-Heat- hemorrhoidsCalms Shen
DU 2
Extinguishes interior WindCalms spasms & convulsionsStrengthens the lower back & legs
DU 3
Strengthens lower back & legsTonifies Yang
DU 4
Tonifies KD YangNourishes Original Qi & EssenceWarms Gate of VitalityExpels ColdStrengthens lower back
DU 8
Relaxes the sinews - spasmsEliminates interior Wind
DU 9
Regulates LR & GB QiMoves Qi, opens the chest & diaphragmResolves Damp-Heat of LR/GB
DU 11
Regulates Ht & calms ShenNo needling, only MOXA!
DU 12
Eliminates interior wind & calms spasmsTonifies LU QiStrengthens the body
DU 13
Clears exterior Wind-Heat Regulates Shao YangTreats malaria
DU 14
Clears Heat & releases the exteriorExpels WindRegulates Ying & WeiCalms ShenTonifies HT Yang
DU 15
Clears the Mind, neck, & spineStimulates speech
DU 16
Eliminates WindCalms ShenBenefits the brain
DU 20
Calms Shen & clears the MindTonifies YangStrengthen ascending function of SPEliminates interior Wind - Sedates YangPromotes resuscitation 
DU 23
Opens the nose
DU 24
Calms Shen
DU 26
Promotes resuscitationBenefits the lumbar spine