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what is an expresstion?
Numbers and varibles with operations. does not contain an = sign.
what is an Equastion?
two diffrent expresstions that have an = sign.
what is the Addition property?
A=B if->a+b=b+c
what is the Multiplication property?
A=B if->A*C=B*C
what is a Linear equastion?
an equation that can be written as A*X+B=0. Where A and B are real numbers. A can not equal 0
what is a Quadratic equastion?
an equastion that can be written in the standard form AX^2+BX+C=0.Where A,B,C, are real numbers. A can not equal 0.
How is a Quadratic equastion solved?
By using factoring or by the square root Property.
what is the Square Root property?
If U^2=K then U=+-(square root of K)
what is the quadratic equastion?
x= -B+-(Square root of: (B^2-4A*C)/2A)
what is Slope Intercept form?
How would you enter an equastion into the calculator?
You MUST put it in Slope Intercept form.
What is the midpoint formula?
((x1+x2)/2 , (y1+y2)/2)
What is a circle?
A circle is the set of points on a plane that all have a fixed distance "R" from a Center (H,K)
What is the equastion of a circle?
The center (H,K) and the radius (R) the STANDARD FORM is-

(X-H)^2+ (Y-K)^2= R^2
What is domain?
The set of all X coordinate values OR a set of all input or dependant varibles for which the expresstion is defined as a real number.
What is the range?
The opposite of Domain, all the values of Y
what is Set Builder Notation?
an example: {X|A<X<B}
What is Interval Notation?
An example [a,(infinaty sign))