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What SFX category best describes production specific sounds?
Who coined the phrase "sound designer?"
Walter Murch
Which of the following terms describes the category of effects involving everyday sounds?
What is "room tone?"
general ambience of a location
What does "suspension" mean in sound design?
The selective elimination of sound
What are archetypal sounds?
Sound referenced we identify with an almost universal level.
What is Foley?
The art of creating SFX live to a picture.
What is a stinger?
Short elements added to ambience tracks at specific points in order to spice things up.
What is dead air?
Silent airwaves
A very special scream sound has been used in moies since the 1950's. What is the name used to describe this special scream?
Wilhelm scream
During production recording, usual sounds may be heard on set or nearby on location. These may often be recorded for later use. WHat type of sounds does this describe?
Wild Track Recordings
What emotion or idea do lion roars commonly convey?
What does the sound of running water commonly convey?
clensing, or rebirth
What are ambiences and backgrounds?
designed to set mood+location
What is musically used to reprsent the production setting or location found in a story?
Musical phases and themes
Which musical key is often thought of as the "sad key?"
What is a motif?
Music that identifies a characters presence.
A radio is playing in the background of a movie scene. The music the radio is playing is a good example of what type of music?
Music is often licensed for use in a specific project. What is the name we use to refer to this music?
Source Music
In a soundtrack, which type of music is designed to prvide the basic emotional context for the audience?
In the movie Saying Anything, John Cusack plays the Peter Gabriel song "In Your Eyes" to loneSkye on a boombox. Which music type best describes "In your Eyes?"
What are the individual pieces of music created for a project called?
In movies and video games, music often is synchronized to specific visual events. What are these called?
What type of music involves clearly telling a specific story?
One effective methid of scoring involves contrasting the music with the visuals. Which type of music may this describe
Which musical key or is often thought of as the "happy chord?"
Which musical key or chord is often thought of as the "surprised" key?
Which musical key or chord is often thought of as the "evil or sinister" key?
What is the musical equivalent of a character?
What is anempathetic music?
Does not decribe what is occuring visually.