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What is the FM that covers M60?
FM 3-22.68
What is the weight of the M60?
23 pounds
Before the feed tray cover is closed, what position should the bolt be in?
the rear
What is the maximum effective range of the M60?
1,100 meters
What feature of the M60 allows the user to change the barrels rapidly?
A fixed headspace
What is the maximum rate of fire for the M60?
Approximately 550 rounds per minute
What is the most effective rate of fire for the M60?
6-9 round bursts
What is the tracer burnout range for the M60?
900 meters
What is the muzzle velocity of the M60
2,800 feet per second
What is grazing fire?
Horizontal fire in the vicinity of the knee to the waist high area on the enemy
What is the maximum range of grazing fire for the M60?
600 meters
What is always the Number 1 target on an M60 range card?
The FPL ( Final Protective Line)
How many rounds per minute are fired with the M60 during rapid fire?
200 rounds per minute
Whare are the 5 types of ammunition used used with the M60?
armor piercing
what weapon is scheduled to replace the M60 machine gun?
the M240B
Describe the M60
A 7.62mm, air-cooled, belt-fed, gas-operated, automatic tripod or bipod fired weapon
the M60 is fired with the bolt in what position?
the open bolt position
How often should the barrel be changed on the M60?
Sustained rate of fire- every 10 minutes
rapid rate of fire- every 2 minutes
cyclic-every minute
what is the sustained rate of fire for the M60?
100 rounds per minute
name 2 common malfunctions of the M60
sluggish operation
runaway gun
what should you do if you have a runaway gun?
break the belt
what are the rates of fire for the M60?
sustained rate is 100 rounds per minute
rapid rate is 200 rounds per minute
cyclic rate 500 rounds per minute
what is the muzzle velocity of the M60
2800 ft per second
how many barrels are issued with the M60?