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nature of org. markets
marketing of GandS for profit orgs,govt's,and non-profit orgs
business marketing
marketing of GandS for profit orgs,govt's,and non-profit orgs so they can make and sell/ market to others
org buyers
manufactures, wholesalers, retailers, and govt agencies taht buy goods for own resale.
3)govt. markets
industrial markets
reprocess a product before selling it to the next buyer
reseller markets
wholesalers and reatilers that buy physical products and resell them again without any reprocessing fee.
govt. markets
fed, state, and local agencies taht buy GandS for constituents
north american industry classification system - provides common industry definitions for n.america, which makes easier the measurement of econmic activity
derived demand
the demand for industrial products and services is driven consumer product demand
size of purchases
much larger than consumer purchases. purchase more frequently and require competitive bids from sellers
potential buyers
much fewer org customers than consumers - purhase more in volume and revenue
org buying objectives
for profit- increase profit
non profit - meet needs of groups they serve
org buying criteria
attributes of suppliers products and services and supplier itself.
ISO 9000
standards developed by international standards org. certificaton of managers quality management and assurance system.
reverse marketingd
deliberate efforts by org. buyers to build relationships taht shape suppliers products, services, and capabilities to fit a buyers specfic requirements
industrial buying practice in which 2 orgs agree to purchase each others products and services
supply partnerhsip
buyer and seller adopt mutual benefical objectives, policies, and procedures for purpose of lowering cost or increasing value.
Buy classes
1)straight rebuy-reordering something from before
2)modified rebuy-rebuy w/ some type of change
3)new purchase-never bought it before
increasing online purchasing bc increas in 3?
1)online provides timely info
2)technology online has reduced order costs, tracking
3)decreased firms marketing costs and broadend customers
e-market places 2
1)private exchanges
2independent trading communities
traditional auction
seller lists for sale. buyer puts upward preassure on price
reverse auction
buyer goes online and potential seller puts downward preassure on price