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moral principles and values that govern the actions and decesions of an individual or group
society's values and standards taht are enforceable in courts
4 reasons for bad business ethics
1)increased preassure to make decesions with diverse value system
2)judged by people with different values
3)publics expectations of ethics increased
4)ethics have declined
business culture
ethical codes in business dealings. affects buyers and sellers and competive behavior among sellers
caveat emptor
buyer beware before '60s
consumer bill of rights
'62 by Kennedy,for safety,to be informed,to choose,and to be heard
slotting allowances
reduces rights of buyer to choose from variety of new products
2 kinds of ethics competition
1)ethics espionage
corporate culture
values, ideas, attitudes that is learned and shared among the members of org.
code of ethics
formal statement of ethical principles and rules
whistle blower laws
employees who report unethical behavior
2 moral philosphies that affect ethics
1)moral idealism -personal moral philosophy taht considers certain individual rights or duties universal regardless
2)utilitarianism-greatest good of the greatest number
social resonsibility
org's are part of a larger society and are accountable to taht society for their actions
3 concepts of social resonsibility
1) profit resonsibility - maximize profits to owners
2) stakeholder resonsibility-obiligations to those who can affect achievment
3)societal resonsibility-resonsibility to enviroment and public
green marketing
marketing for enviro friendly products
ISO 1400
worldwide standards for envrio protection. takes green mktg further
cause marketing
charitable contributions tied through promotion of a product
social audit
systematic assessment of firms objectives, strategies and performance in terms of social resonsiblity (RIDSE)
sustainable development
business in a way taht protects natural enviroment while making economic progress