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personal selling
2-way flow on information b/t buyer and seller
sales management
planning teh selling program and implementing and controlling the personal selling effot of the firm
personal selling 3 functions
1.sales people are crtical link
2.salespeople are the company
3.peronal selling dominant role in firm
realtionship selling
practice of building ties to customers based on sales persons attention and commitement
partnership selling
buyers and sellers combine expertise to make customized solutionss
value of personal selling increases with-3 number of customers decrease complexity of product increases value of product increases
3 forms of personal selling
1.order taking
2.order getting
3.sales support activity
order taking
processs routine order/reorders for products taht were already sold
-outside-visit customers and replinsh stocks
-inside-answer questions and take orders
order getting
identifies prospective customers, provides customers w/ info., persuades to buy, and closes sales--technological products
customer sales support personel-missionary and sales engineer
missionary-promotional activites for new products
sales engineer-indentifies and analyzes customer problmes and brings know how to technical problmes
sales management 3 functions
1.sales plan formulation
2.sales plan implmentation
3.evaluation and control of the sales force
sales plan
statement describing what is to be achieved and where and how the selling effot of salespeople is to be deployed
3 sales plan functions
1.set objectives
2.organize sales force
3.develop account management policies
major account managment
using team selling to fucus on important customers.--walmart
account management policies
specifying whome sales people should contact and what kinds of selling/customer service activites should be engaged in
sales plan implementation
1.sales force recruitment/selection
2.salesforce training
3.salesforce motivation
emotional intellegnce
ability to understand ones own emotions of people with whom one interacts
salesforce motiavtion-4
1.clear job description
2.effective sales management
3.personal need for achievment
4.proper incentives/compensation
salesforce compensation
1.straight salary
2.straight commision
3.salary/commision combo
quanitative assements(sales quoats) Input related
actual activites
1.number of calls made
2.selling expnse sale
3.number of sales reports submitted
quanitative assements(sales quoats) output related
sales quott
1.$ sales volume
2.# of new accounts opened
3.sales of specfic products
behavioral assements-6
2.attention to customers
3.product knowledge
4.commincation skills
6.customer satisfcation
salesforce automation
is the use of these technologies to make the sales functino more effective and efficient