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Staphylococcus Epidermidis:

- Gram what?
- Catalase what?
- Coagulase what?


Where is the natural habitat for Staphylococcus Epidermidis?
Part of normal flora of skin

Asymptomatic colonization
When does the "avirulent" Staph. epidermidis become dangerous to humans?
With the involvement of:

- FB prosthesis
- Catheters
What is a effective virulent factor used by Staph. epidermidis?
In diagnosis of Staph. epidermidis, what is important to distinguish?
Must distinguish between:

- blood borne Se
- Contaminant Se
What is the treatment for an infected indwelling catheter?
Remove (if feasible)

Treat with vancomysin
What is the antibiotic of choice in Staph. epidermidis? and why?

b/c it is methicillin resistant
What is the treatment for an infected prosthetic heart valve
Remove heart valve (surgery)

Treat with Vancomysin AND
gentamycin OR rifampin
In prosthetic heart valve surgery, what would be indicative of an infection of Staph. epidermidis?

What is the procedure to check for infection?

Blood cultures
Evaluate Heart valve
Control/prevention of Staph. epidermidis is difficult b/c why?
It is ubiquitous
What are some procedures for controlling/preventing Staph. epidermidis? x3
Proper antisepsis
Proper aseptic procedure
Quicker procedures