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Dementia onset
T/F - Dementia is due to an impaired level of arousal.
Delirium onset
Acute confusional state
T/F - Dementia is reversible and secondary to medical or neurologic disorder.
False. That is delirium
How would you evaluate a patient with possible dementia?
Interview second informant

Description of abnormal behavior

Course of illness

Associated symptoms

Review all history
What is the rule of thumb to differentiate depressed patients with those with dementia?
Depressed patients often complain of memory problems. Demented patients often will not.
What are the components of the Mini-mental status exam?
Immediate recall and short term memory
Attention / Calculation
What are some features that make Alzheimer's unlikely?
Sudden onset

Focal neurologic findings

Early in course (incoordination, gati disturbance, seizures)
What is the most prevalent form of psychiatric symptom in alzheimer's patients?
What is the genetic component for early onset of AD? x2
APP gene

What is the genetic component of early and late onset AD?
Apolipoprotein E: E4 allele
What TYPE of drugs would you give to treat AD?
Symptomatic drugs.
What are the supporting symptoms of vascular dementia? x5
Sudden onset/worsening of dementia

Step wise deterioration

Focal signs (UMN with spasticity)

Risk factors

Neuroimaging support
Parkinson's patient develops dementia 11 months after the disorder. What is the diagnosis?
Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Parkinson's patient develops dementia 13 months after the disorder. What is the diagnosis?
Parkinson's with Dementia
Rx treatment for Parkinson's Dementia with lewy bodies
DO NOT give them levodopa or dopaimine.

Do NOT give them neuroleptics (haldol, thorizine)

Cholinesterase inhibitor (donepezil) is usually helpful
What is the classic triad of Normal pressure hydrocephalus?
1. Dementia
2. Urinary Incontinence (apathy)
3. Gait apraxia (wide base)
Diagnostic test for normal pressure hydrocephalus. x2

24 hour intracranial pressure monitoring

(Do not do cisternogram)
Treatment for normal pressure hydrocephalus.
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt
What are some medications you can give AD patients? x4
Cholinesterase inhibitors
NMDA receptor inhibitor
Neuroleptics and/or sedatives