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The vertebral artery is a branch of?
Subclavian artery
Which of these is not an artery of the circle of Willis?

- Middle Cerebral Artery
- Anteior Cerebral Artery
- Anteroinferior Cerebellar Artery
Anteroinferior Cerebellar Artery
The ophthalmic artery is a branch of?
Internal Carotid
Select the deep vein.

- Vein of Lobbe
- Vein of Trolard
- Intenal Cerebral Vein
- Superior Longitudinal sinus
Internal Cerebral Vein
The Posteroinferior cerebellar artery is a branch of?
Vertebral artery
The vascular supply of the brain convexity is from?
Middle cerebral artery
The vascular supply to the medial surface of the brain comes from?
Anterior Cerebral artery
The vascular supply to the occipital lobe is given by?
Posterior cerebral artery
Blood flow to the lenticular nucleus is supplied by?
Perforating branches from the middle cerebral artery
Blood flow to the thalamus comes from?
Posterior Communicating a.
Posterior Cerebral a.
Posterior Choroidal a.
Which nucleus has its blood flow from the anterior choroidal artery?
Arterial malformation can be classified as what?
Feeding vessels, nidus, and efferent veins indicates what?
Arteriovenous malformation