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Fracture perpendicular to bone shaft.
Transverse fx
Angulated fracture line.
Oblique fx
Multiplanar and complex fracture line.
Spiral fx
More than 2 fracture fragments
Comminuted fx
Completely separate segment of bone bordered by fracture lines.
Segmental fx
Fracture enters joint by crossing over articular cartilage.
Intra-articular fx
Buckle fracture of one of the cortex
Torus fx
Impaction of bone
Compression fx
Incomplete fracture of angulation deformity.
Greenstick fx
Fracture through bone weakened by disease or tumor
Pathologic fx
Fracture where fragments are in anatomical alignment
Non-displaced fx
Fracture where fragments are no longer in their anatomical alignment.
Displaced fx
Fracture where distal fragment longitudinally overlaps proximal fragment.
Bayonette fx
Fracture where fragments are malaligned.
Angulated fx
Fracture in which distal fragment is separated by the proximal fragment by a GAP.