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Define cartilage.
Specialized fibrous connective tissue.
What are mature cartilage cells called?
T/F - Cartilage is vascular in nature.
False - It is avascular in nature.
What are the three functions of cartilage?
1. Supports soft tissue
2. Provides resilient, yet durable covering for bone.
3. Development and Growth of long bones
What are the three types of cartilage?
1. Hyaline
2. Elastic
3. Fibrous
Describe the location of hyaline cartilage. x2
1. Articular ends of long bones
2. Walls of respiratory passages.
(bronchi, larynx, nose, trachea)
Describe the matrix of hyaline cartilage. x3
1. Amorphous ground substance
2. Territorial (capsular) matrix.
3. Interterritorial (intercapsular) matrix.

- type of tissue
- location
Dense irregular connective tissue

Surrounds cartilage except at the articular surfaces.
What are the two layers of perichondrium?
1. Outer fibrous layer

2. Inner cellular layer
What are the contents of the outer fibrous layer of the perichondrium?
Type I collagen, fibroblast, and blood vessels.
What is the function of the inner cellular layer of Perichondrium?
Provides chondrogenic cells
Where do you find chondrocytes?
Embedded in lacuna.
What are chondrocytes derived from?
Chondrocytes contain extensive what? x4
1. Golgi
2. Glycogen
3. RER
4. Lipid Droplets
Describe what is located superficically to chondrocytes.
Ovoid cells
Describe what is located deep to the chondrocytes.
Isogenous groups
Histogenesis of hyaline cartilage is stimulated by what? x3
1. Growth hormone
2. Thyroxine
3. Testosterone
Histogenesis of hyaline cartilage is inhibited by what? x3
1. Estradiol
2. Cortisone
3. Hydrocortisone
Histogenesis of hyaline cartilage is similar to that of what? x2
Elastic and fibrocartilage
Histogenesis occurs by what types of growth? x2
1. Interstitial growth
2. Appositional growth
What is the function of elastic cartilage?
Give flexible support
Some locations of the elastic cartilage. x3
1. Auditory tube
2. Pinna of Ear
3. Epiglottis
What is the function of fibrocartilage?
For support and tensile strength.
Some locations of the fibrocartilage? x5
1. Pubic Symphysis
2. Articular disc
3. Intervertebral disc
4. Ligament/tendon insertion
5. Meniscus
What does fibrocartilage lack compared to other types of cartilage?
What is a key visible feature of arrangement in fibrocartilage?
Alternating, parallel rows of fibroblasts.
Describe the types of collagen for each cartilage.
Hyaline - Type II
Elastic - Type II
Fibrocartilage - Type I
What is a key visible feature of arrangement in Hyaline?
Arranged in groups
Which cartilage is acidophilic?
Which cartilage is basophilic?
Which cartilage has no perichondrium?