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Which spinal nerves are involved in plexus formation?
All except T2-T11
What is the relationship of muscles with their nerve supply?
Muscles retain their original SEGMENTAL nerve supply.
Myotome segmentation pattern is seen where?
All areas except in areas of plexus formation.
Dermatomes are arranged how?
In stripes.
Cutaneous nerves are arranged how?
In patches
A root lesion would in the UE, would manifest what type of sensory loss?
Loss of dermatome (stripe)
A cutaneous nerve lesion in the UE would manifest what type of sensory loss?
Parts of two or more dermatomes are lost.
What is the benefit of veins running superficially?
Temperature regulation
All lymphatic nodes of UE drain where?
Axillary nodes
Which ARM muscles flex the ARM?
1. Cephalic
2. Basilic
3. Median Cubital
1. Deltoid
2. Short head of bicep
3. Long head of bicep
4. Brachialis
5. Brachioradialis
6. Coracobrachialis
7. Musculocutaneous nerve
8. Brachial artery
9. Median nerve
10. Medial Brachial Cutaneous nerve
11. Triceps
12. Ulnar nerve
13. Medial Antebrachial cutaneous nerve
14. Bicipital aponeurosis
15. Pronator teres
Which muscles in the arm flex the forearm?
Which muscle(s) in the arm also acts as a supinator?
Biceps brachii
Describe the innervation of the ARM flexor muscles.
Axillary nerve -> deltoid

Musculocutaneous nerve -> all except deltoids
What are the ARM Extensor muscles?
Triceps brachii

What innervates the ARM extensor muscles?
Radial nerve
Which head of the tricep attaches to the scapula?
Long head.
1. Long head of triceps brachii
2. Medial head of triceps brachii
3. Lateral head of triceps brachii
4. Radial nerve
5. Anconeus
What are the components of the quadrangular space?
Posterior Circumflex Humeral artery

Axillary nerve
What are the components of the triangular space?
Circumflex scapular artery
What are the components of the triangular interval?
Deep Brachial artery

Radial nerve
What are the medial and lateral boundaries of the cubital fossa?
Medial boundary - Pronator Teres

Lateral boundary - Brachioradialis
What is the roof of the cubital fossa?
Deep fascia of arm

Bicipital Aponeurosis
What comprises the floor of the cubital fossa?
Biceps tendon


What are the neurovascular contents of the cubital fossa?
Median nerve

Radial nerve

Brachial artery and vein with their branches
Deep brachial artery:

- follows what nerve
- anastomosis with what aa.
Radial nerve

Radial recurrent aa
Superior Ulnar collateral:

- follows what nerve
- anastomosis with what aa.
Ulnar nerve

Posterior Ulnar Recurrent
Inferior Ulnar collateral:

- anastomosis with what aa.
Anterior Ulnar Recurrent
1. Brachial artery
2. Radial recurrent
3. Radial artery
4. Deep brachial artery
5. Superior ulnar collateral
6. Inferior ulnar collateral
7. Anterior ulnar recurrent
8. Posterior ulnar recurrent
9. Ulnar artery
Deep brachial veins:

- form what?
- attach to what?
Venae communicates

Brachial artery
What are the ligaments of the sternoclavicular joint?
1. Anterior sternoclavicular
2. Posterior sternoclavicular
3. Costoclavicular
4. Interclavicular
5. Articular disc
1. Costoclavicular
2. Anterior sternoclavicular
3. Posterior sternoclavicular
4. Interclavicular
5. Articular disc
Name the ligaments
Capsular atresia
What condition is this?
1. Rotator cuff
2. Coracohumeral
3. Glenohumeral
4. Transverse humeral
5. Long head of biceps
Shoulder separation is when what happens?
In the AC joint, there is a tear in the:

- acromioclavicular ligament
- coracoclavicular ligament
The glenoid cavity has what tendon attach to it?
The long head of biceps
Define bursa.
Synovial fluid filled sac

(like a cushion)
What are the muscles of the rotator cuff?
Teres minor
What is capsular atresia?
Overuse of shoulder causes loss of synovial capsule, leading to abrasion and erosion of rotator cuff.
1. Coracoacromial
2. Acromioclavicular
3. Coracoclavicular
Describe a shoulder dislocation.
Tearing of the glenohumeral ligament in the glenohumeral joint.
What are the ligaments of the elbow joint?
Radial collateral
Ulnar collateral
A "pulled elbow" is what?
A subluxation of anular ligmanet.
1. Capsule
2. Radial Collateral ligament
3. Ulnar Collateral ligament
4. Anular
5. Radial tuberosity
6. Ulnar tuberosity
What inserts in to the radial tuberosity?
What inserts in to the ulnar tuberosity?
In rotating from supine to pronation of the forearm, what is the only bone that moves?
What dense connective tissue holds the radius and ulna together?
interosseous membrane